SAP Flagship 01SAP Flagship Programme 特选学校旗舰计划

As a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school, CHS runs our SAP Flagship Programme “Deepening the Roots, Charting the Future” “深濡文化,驰骋神州” for all lower level students in IP and OP. Through this SAP Flagship Programme, we develop our students’ understanding and appreciation of Chinese Culture. The Programme is mainly delivered through the Appreciation of Chinese Culture (ACC) lessons, which educate our students in the five domains of Qin, Qi, Shu, Hua, Shi (琴, 棋, 书, 画, 史), i.e. Music, Chess, Calligraphy, Ink Painting, and History and Classics. During these ACC lessons, comparative study will also be made with Western cultures to provide a holistic understanding, for example, students may learn both Chinese and International Chess.

Our Philosophy


“Deepening the Roots, Charting the Future”



As an SAP school, the Catholic High School SAP flagship programme aims to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of Chinese Culture. Aligned to the school’s vision, Catholic high SAP flagship programme also aims to develop students to be bilingual and bicultural scholars well versed in both languages and nuanced in both Western and Eastern perspectives.


Our Approach

CHS 2017 - SAP Flagship Framework

  • 环境:为双语双文化的学习,提供优质的学习环境
  • Environment: To create an environment that promotes bilingualism and biculturalism
  • 双文化意识:通过校本课程和活动,提高学生对中西文化的认识。
  • Exposure: To create greater awareness to biculturalism.
  • 学生参与:通过课程与活动,培养学生对学习双语双文化的兴趣
  • Engagement: To engage students in bilingual and bicultural learning through curriculum and programme

Signature Programmes 特色活动

  • 中一、中二文化鉴赏课程(ACC),包括琴、棋、书、画、史, 四大名著介绍
  • 中国通识课 (WRP)
  • 中一全年级中国打击乐课(音乐课)
  •  双语双文化节
  • 农历新年庆祝会
  •  端午节活动
  • 中秋庆祝会
  • 文艺演出(相声、戏剧)
  • 华青班
  • 双语广播站
  • 特选学校活动 (特选学校领袖营,领袖论坛)
  • 中华文化走廊
  • 兵马俑学习区
  • 盆栽园