The Music Elective Programme

Music Elective ProgrammeThe Music Elective Programme, often referred to as the MEP, is a special MOE programme that allows students with talent in Music to study the subject in an enriched environment. MEP students in Catholic High School enjoy the opportunity to study Music at a deeper level in an enhanced curriculum for Music in custom-built MEP Studios. Students will be prepared to sit the GCE O-Level Higher Music Examination in their Secondary 4 year, at which their musical knowledge and skills will be assessed via the activities of listening and analysis, performing, and music writing. The MEP@CHS can also be offered in JC1 and JC2 in JC such as Eunoia Junior College.

MEP Curriculum

Students in the Catholic High School MEP undergo lessons in Music Studies to learn about various genres of Music from around the world, as well as Music History. Students develop critical thinking skills through the analysis of music and gain informed perspectives as they seek to understand the different musical contexts through various historical and cultural periods.

MEP students also engage in Music Making activities of composing and performing on one or more instruments. Opportunities are given for the students to go beyond performing solo, as they enjoy the chance to perform with other musically-talented students in the MEP. Students also learn to express their ideas through music – by composing their own songs or music. Through the experience of writing their own music, MEP students gain a much deeper understanding of the composing process and such experiences have encouraged many MEP students to embark on a composing career.

Beyond classroom activities, other learning activities such as concert attendance, public performance and workshops are also regularly organised. In addition, there are MEP activities specially organised by MOE such as the MEP Camp and the MEP Concert, at which MEP students from the various schools get together to participate in musically-enriching activities. In offering such a comprehensive music programme, the MEP@CHS supports MOE’s aims to nurture graduands who would be Scholars and Practitioners in the Arts and Advocates and Leaders for the Arts.

Entry Requirements for the MEP

Upon gaining entry to our school, students will be invited to indicate their interest to apply for the MEP. Students are expected to have a strong foundation in Music, and the usual minimum requirements for the MEP are at least a pass in the Grade 3 Practical AND Theory of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), or the equivalent standard from other examination boards. All interested applicants will have to submit copies of their highest certificates or mark forms. Thereafter, applicants might be required to attend a selection test and/or a practical audition, whether or not they have met the minimum requirements.

More information on the MEP can be obtained here