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P1 Orientation Briefing Slides

P1 Orientation Briefing Slides

Dear Parents,

This is the set of briefing slides from the P1 Orientation conducted earlier today.

P1 Orientation 2017 Briefing Slides For Parents

Thank […]

CHS(P) GEP School Tour

CHS(P) GEP School Tour
The GEP department will be conducting 3 school tours for P3 parents whose child have been selected for the Gifted Education […]




We have published our first issue of “Our B.I.G News”, a termly e-newsletter!

Please click on the link below to view it


Family Day and Homecoming (1 July 2017)

‘Building Our Future’

We would like to extend our invitation to all old boys, students’ families, school partners and community members to our annual Catholic […]


CHS Open House 18 Nov

Missed our Open House? Click here to learn more about CHS

Our end-of-year Open House (Information Day) will be held on 18 Nov 2017, from 8.30am […]

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