Our Philosophy


Language and literature are media of communication, and a repository of culture, values and ideas.  They are integral to the appreciation, transmission, reasoning and expression of a civilisation’s and society’s ideals and beliefs. They express the Human Condition, comment on Human Experiences, and advance Human Societies.

Our Approach

Overarching Approach and Purpose

Using a diverse range of texts, contexts & performance skills platforms that explore Human Condition themes to develop:

  • Fundamentals in Linguistics, Logic and Literature
  • Broad Exposure and Experiences
  • Deep Exploration of Individual Talent Areas.

To equip and enable our students with the ability to:

  • Make sense, construct meaning and effect change in a fast dynamic world.
  • Exercise literary sensitivities and inculcate nuanced perspectives.
  • To be passionate, articulate and empathetic gentlemen of principles and convictions.

Curriculum Areas


  1. English Language Arts Year 1 to Year 4
  2. Fundamentals leading towards JC GP and HSP/Literature
    • Communication Fundamentals (Linguistics, Logic and Persuasion)
    • Extensive Thematic Exposure
    • Critical and Creative Perspectives
    • Literature Exposure
  3. EL Arts Reading Canon & Rich Reading    Thematic / Literary Appreciation Skills Representation.
  4. Current Affairs In Focus Socio-political Critical & Creative Thinking Skills Representation.
  5. Practitioner’s Insight Projects (E.g. Letters to Ministries, Short Stories Anthologies, Advocacy Project.)
  6. Public Speaking Stages 1, 2 and 3
    • Year 1: Current Affairs In Focus Weekly Discussion & Workshop
    • Year 2: Issues Forum, Social Advocacy Project, Expert Coaching
    • Year 3: Singapore Seminar National Advocacy, Expert Coaching
    • Year 4: International Perspectives Platforms


  1. Years 1 -2 Literature Fundamentals
    • Year 1: Literature Fundamentals
    • Year 2: Comparative Fundamentals
  2. Years 3-4 Literature Special Programme
    • Year 3-4: Critical and Comparative Studies
    • Leading towards JC HSP and JC Literature
      • Fundamentals of Practical Criticism
      • Comparative Studies in Themes – Socio-political-economic
      • Special Talent Development opportunities
  3. CH Literature Canon.
  4. Practitioner’s Insight Projects (E.g. Actor’s Arena, Character’s Journal, Literature Presentations)
  5. Literature Festival & Sharing Sessions

Skills Sets

Teaching and Learning Approach

Contextual / Thematic situations    MORAL IMAGINATION    Language and Literature Representation

Signature Programmes

  • General Knowledge Reading Programme (All Levels)
  • In Focus Current Affairs – Commentaries, Panel Discussions, Forums. (All Levels)
  • Bicultural Festival (All Levels)
  • Practitioner’s Insight Projects. E.g. Short Stories Anthologies, Letters to Agencies, Social Advocacy, Film and Media. (Years 1, 2 and 3)
  • Actors’ Arena (Years 1 and 2)
  • Public Speaking Stages 1, 2 and 3 (Years 1, 2 and 3)
  • The Singapore Seminar (Year 3)
  • United Kingdom Immersion Experience (Year 3)
  • International Perspectives (Year 4)
  • Literature Special Programme and Talent Development (Upper levels)
    • Literature Speaker’s Forums
    • Creative Writing Circle
    • Industry Journeys and Workshops and Attachments
    • Film and Media Circle
    • CH Debates and CH Theatre