English Department

Our Philosophy


Language and literature are media of communication, and a repository of culture, values and ideas.  They are integral to the appreciation, transmission, reasoning and expression of a civilisation’s and society’s ideals and beliefs. They express the Human Condition, comment on Human Experiences, and advance Human Societies.


Our students presenting at the Singapore Seminar 2017 and meeting Minister Mrs Josephine Teo

Our Approach

Overarching Approach and Purpose

Using a diverse range of texts, contexts & performance skills platforms that explore Human Condition themes to develop:

  • Fundamentals in Linguistics, Logic and Literature
  • Broad Exposure and Experiences
  • Deep Exploration of Individual Talent Areas.

To equip and enable our students with the ability to:

  • Make sense, construct meaning and effect change in a fast dynamic world.
  • Exercise literary sensitivities and inculcate nuanced perspectives.
  • To be passionate, articulate and empathetic gentlemen of principles and convictions.

Curriculum Areas


  1. English Language Arts Year 1 to Year 4
  2. Fundamentals leading towards JC GP and HSP/Literature
    • Communication Fundamentals (Linguistics, Logic and Persuasion)
    • Extensive Thematic Exposure
    • Critical and Creative Perspectives
    • Literature Exposure
  3. EL Arts Reading Canon & Rich Reading    Thematic / Literary Appreciation Skills Representation.
  4. Current Affairs In Focus Socio-political Critical & Creative Thinking Skills Representation.
  5. Practitioner’s Insight Projects (E.g. Letters to Ministries, Short Stories Anthologies, Advocacy Project.)
  6. Public Speaking Stages 1, 2 and 3
    • Year 1: Current Affairs In Focus Weekly Discussion & Workshop
    • Year 2: Issues Forum, Social Advocacy Project, Expert Coaching
    • Year 3: Singapore Seminar National Advocacy, Expert Coaching
    • Year 4: International Perspectives Platforms


  1. Years 1 -2 Literature Fundamentals
    • Year 1: Literature Fundamentals
    • Year 2: Comparative Fundamentals
  2. Years 3-4 Literature Special Programme
    • Year 3-4: Critical and Comparative Studies
    • Leading towards JC HSP and JC Literature
      • Fundamentals of Practical Criticism
      • Comparative Studies in Themes – Socio-political-economic
      • Special Talent Development opportunities
  3. CH Literature Canon.
  4. Practitioner’s Insight Projects (E.g. Actor’s Arena, Character’s Journal, Literature Presentations)
  5. Literature Festival & Sharing Sessions

Skills Sets

Teaching and Learning Approach

Contextual / Thematic situations    MORAL IMAGINATION    Language and Literature Representation

Signature Programmes

  • General Knowledge Reading Programme (All Levels)
  • In Focus Current Affairs – Commentaries, Panel Discussions, Forums. (All Levels)
  • Bicultural Festival (All Levels)
  • Practitioner’s Insight Projects. E.g. Short Stories Anthologies, Letters to Agencies, Social Advocacy, Film and Media. (Years 1, 2 and 3)
  • Actors’ Arena (Years 1 and 2)
  • Public Speaking Stages 1, 2 and 3 (Years 1, 2 and 3)
  • The Singapore Seminar (Year 3)
  • United Kingdom Immersion Experience (Year 3)
  • International Perspectives (Year 4)
  • Literature Special Programme and Talent Development (Upper levels)
    • Literature Speaker’s Forums
    • Creative Writing Circle
    • Industry Journeys and Workshops and Attachments
    • Film and Media Circle
    • CH Debates and CH Theatre