At Catholic High, every student is a leader, gentleman and bilingual scholar in the making. Our aim is to nurture principled leaders and CONTRIBUTING citizens of tomorrow, who have high integrity and robust character and are passionate about life, learning and service to others. The Catholic High gentleman shall be the change he wants to see in the world.

As a Catholic mission school, love is our corner-stone and the motivation behind all our actions. We are committed to providing a supportive and loving environment in which every life is touched. We help every student appreciate his own uniqueness and possess a strong sense of mission.

In everything we do, we do it with the mindset of excellence. Be it providing quality programmes, excelling in both academic and non-academic domains, or moulding the robust character in our students. we set for ourselves the highest standards and strive to be the benchmark for others

Recognising that everyone is creative in his own way, no idea is too small or wild to be taken seriously. Catholic High is a fertile test bed for many of our teachers’ and students’ ideas, some of which are potentially great innovations of tomorrow.

We embrace change as a journey and constantly look for ways to improve our programmes at Catholic High. This has been our driving force as we grow from strength to strength in providing quality education for the Catholic High gentleman, embracing the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) Programme, Gifted Education Programme (GEP Primary), Autonomous School status and the Integrated Programme (IP).

Come on board and join us on this exciting and challenging journey towards a fun, enriching and rewarding experience at Catholic High.

Ms Soh Lai Leng Magdalen





  1. 作为一所天主教学校,我校的课程和活动都贯彻博爱的精神。我们致力于打造一个互爱、温馨的学习环境。在引导学子发掘自身潜能的同时,也提高每一位学子的自我认同感,从而激发学子寻找人生中的使命。
  2. 公教学子应坚持追求卓越。我校鼓励每一位公教学子都勇于尝试与创新。公教学子应永不自满、永不停滞,为攀登高峰而奋斗,并成为众人的楷模。为陶冶学生高尚的情操、培养积极进取的个性,公教中学不仅提供优质的教学,也重视课程辅助活动的质量。
  3. 公教中学的教育理念推崇创新。面对各种不同的观点,公教学子都应给予尊重。我校是培育学者的摇篮、鼓励创新的乐园,是演绎所有梦想的舞台。
  4. 我校在教学实践中坚持精益求精的态度,以提升课程和活动的质量。我校也十分重视各方所给予的反馈。作为自治学校,公教中学立志通过特选学校(SPECIAL ASSISTANCE PLAN)的旗舰课程、(小学)高才教育计划(GIFTED EDUCATION PROGRAMME, PRIMARY)以及2013年推行的(中学)综合课程(INTEGRATED PROGRAMME)为公教学子提供优质的教育。