Similarities and Differences between IP and OP Tracks

The following diagram provides an overview of our Dual Track curriculum, and highlights some of our signature programmes such as:

Shared Curriculum & Programmes

In terms of curriculum, the two tracks of IP and OP share several features. Students from both tracks enjoy the same core curriculum for lower levels,  CCAs, student development and well-being programmes, student leadership opportunities, Appreciation of Chinese Culture lessons, overseas immersion and cultural trips, and aesthetics and physical education. Most of our Talent Development Programmes (such as our CΩERGY Programme, MOE Music Elective Programme, Sports Talent Development Programme, etc.) are open to both IP and OP students. All IP and OP students are also offer our distinctive Passion Pursuit (Elective) programme to help them discover their passions and develop new skills beyond the classroom. OP students will also enjoy some components of the IP flagship World Readiness Programme.

IP-specfic Curriculum & Programmes

IP students will undertake a rigorous curriculum that have more extension of learning than OP. In addition, IP lessons will differ from OP in terms of IP-specific pedagogy and assessments. IP students will also offer additional subjects such as our unique IP flagship World Readiness Programme and Passion Pursuit (Independent). In addition, IP students may participate in JIP Student Leadership Development programmes. Prospective students may want to take note that MOE Bicultural Studies Programme is offered to only IP students due to the students’ availability in Year 4 for overseas study trips and other programmes.