Mathematics Interest & Talent (MIT) Development Programme

The MIT development programme aims to develop students who are talented in Mathematics to become creative problem solvers and to pursue their passion in Mathematics.

It also challenges students intellectually with advanced mathematical concepts and provide opportunities for them to participate in various experiences such as:

  • Math-related independent study projects e.g. use of self-directed learning approach to investigate a math topic
  • Research module (Math-REACH)
  • Mathematics Competitions, e.g. Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad, Singapore Mathematical Society Project Festival

“The CHS Mathematics Interest & Talent (MIT) Development programme is, at its core, a path towards excellence, nurturing one’s passion and ability… The programme has exposed me to broad fields within mathematics; while at the same time, replete with opportunities to pursue a passion in one field…. One good example is the MIT Research Project which offers a research programme that stretches for nearly a year. We were allowed to choose our topic of research, as well as how to expand upon it. This freedom to explore is one of the core principles of the project. The participation allowed us to explore the field that my group were passionate about, in addition to allowing us to connect it to the world around us. ”

– Lee Keng Yan, (4-5/2018)


Above: Our students competing in the Singapore Mathematics Project Festival 2017