Overview and Purpose

VIA@CHS is a learning experience that enhances pupils’ development as socially responsible citizens through ownership of their contribution to the community.  Catholic High School (CHS) pupils are given an opportunity to choose and have a voice in what they believe will make a difference in the community.  Being actively involved in learning about and appreciating the community develops their sense of commitment in playing their part to make it a better place.

Approach and Experience

  1. Expanding domains from self to the world

Teachers will encourage pupils to put values into practice within the context of real-life situations in the family, school, community, nation and the world. Studies have shown that pupils embrace their social roles as they interact with the world around them and act with consideration of the consequences of their actions on themselves and others.

SelfBeing who I am and Becoming who I can be
FamilyStrengthening Family Ties
SchoolFostering Healthy Friendships and Team Spirit
CommunityUnderstanding Our Community and Building an Inclusive Society
NationDeveloping a Sense of National Identity and Nation Building
WorldBeing an Active Citizen in a Globalised World
  1. Exposure to varied communities

Our school provides every CHS pupil with a unique SAP education that is infused with Catholic values.  Hence, our VIA@CHS programme aims at providing every CHS pupil with the exposure to varied communities, which our CHS pupils may not have many opportunities in school.  With such exposure, we believe that every CHS pupil will be able to have a purposeful life through giving back to the society, and going the extra mile to make a difference in someone else’s life, be it family, school, community or nation.

In doing so, the CHS pupil will discover that he can be an active and contributing member of the larger community, building stronger bonds of kinship with all the varied communities that he will serve now and in the future.

The VIA@CHS programme will focus on the following communities:

Elderly*SAP values, Singapore’s aging population issues
Disability*For pupils to appreciate the things they have in life
EnvironmentAlignment to ALP and global climatic changes
Children, Youth and Family Services*Allow pupils to show empathy for their peers  
* CCA VIA will focus on these communities.


We use Design Thinking principles as a basis to guide our teachers to create the learning experience where CHS pupils embark on a journey as they form their identities, clarify their values and develop social emotional competences. When they know who they are and how they can play their part, pupils form relationships with the people around them in a meaningful and respectful manner.  When pupils apply what they learn, they make responsible choices and become informed and concerned citizens of good character.

VIA@CHS Framework (Since 2020)