This page publishes information about CHS events that our school community and members of the public can attend.


Special Event: Naming our Mascot! 


Date: 20 September to 28 September 2019

Our school mascot, a member of the rare Panthera Catholicus species will soon be celebrating his birthday. Born on the 10th of October, 2018, he represents the brotherhood and strength of Catholic High School and what it is to be an extraordinary Catholic High Gentleman.

This year, our Students’ Council invites all our CHS gentlemen, primary and secondary, to submit an English and Chinese name for our beloved mascot.

These names should reflect the qualities of this extraordinary gentleman as exemplified in our Catholic High School Values, Motto and Vision. The top entries will be shared during our mascot’s birthday!

To submit an English and Chinese name for the school mascot, please click on the following links and submit your names by 28 September!


Please click on the following link if you are from the primary school section:

Mascot Naming (Pri)


Please click on the following link if you are from the secondary school section:

Mascot Naming (Sec)



Family Day & Homecoming 2019 “双轨火车Celebrating Our Bicultural Identity”


Date and Time: 6th July 2019, 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

We would like to extend our warmest invitation to all old boys, students’ families, school partners and community members to our annual Family Day & Homecoming. We come together as one big family to mingle, deepen friendships and support our students who will showcase their entrepreneurial spirit through the setting up of games, merchandise and food stalls.

The Family Day & Homecoming event is a fun-filled and meaningful event where we aim to foster school spirit and strengthen the value of gratitude (饮水思源) in our students. Through the sale of carnival coupons, the funds raised from our students’ efforts are used to support a wide range of students’ programmes.

Save the date and join us on the 6th of July! You can buy carnival coupons on the day or earlier from any CHS staff/students at $10/coupon sheet.

Please click on the following link to access the PDF for directions and parking:
Directions and Parking@CHS

Visit our Facebook page for this event for the latest information:

CH Family Day & Homecoming 2018 “Connexions 情系公教”

  • Date and Time: 30th June, 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Our CH Family Day & Homecoming is a fun-filled and meaningful event where all the pupils, parents, teachers, old boys, school partners and the general public come together as one big family to mingle and build bonds so that every life is touched. Furthermore, our students will showcase their entrepreneurial spirit through setting up games, merchandise and food stalls throughout the day to entertain the crowd.
  • Join us on that day (and you can buy carnival coupons on the spot or from any CHS staff/students at $10/coupon sheet)!

Homecoming 2018 MOTD

There are some photos from the 2017 Family Day & Homecoming Carnival:

  • Mingle with friends, and enjoy the food and fun
  • Enjoy musical and other performances at our plaza
  • Play games and join in fun activities (e.g. some years we had Haunted House, Escape Room)
  • Catch up old boys from past cohorts
  • … and more!

Homecoming 2017 - 07

Homecoming 2017 - 04

Homecoming 2017 - 03

Homecoming 2017 - 01

Open House (Secondary Section) on 26 May 2018

Our major 2018 Open House will be held on 26 May 2018, from 8.30am to 1.00pm.

You can register for our 26 May Open House at the following link:


Please click on the following link to access the PDF for the (1) Programme Sheet and (2) Directions and Parking:

CHArts Connexion 2018 (13 and 18 April)

The public, parents and all from the CHS community are invited to our CHArts Connexion 2018. These are 2 nights of performances by our Performing Arts CCAs.

Details are as follow:

  • “The Art of Sight” by English Drama, Chinese Drama and Modern Dance: 13th of April at Victoria Theatre, 7.30 pm.
  • “The Science of Sound” by Chinese Orchestra, Edward Becheras Choir and Symphony Band: 18th of April at Victoria Concert Hall, 7.30 pm.

Tickets are going at only $18 each. You can buy the tickets from any CHS Performing Arts members/teachers, or email us at

CHArts Night 1    CHArts Night 2

EOY Open House (Information Day) 18 Nov 2017 (8.30am – 12.30pm)

Our end-of-year Open House (Information Day) will be held on 18 Nov 2017, from 8.30am to 12.30pm. This second Open House of the year is targeted at prospective students and parents, for them to visit us before the release of the PSLE results and learn more about our model of education and what we offer our students in terms of learning and development opportunities.

Please go to this link to learn more and download the programme sheet: /open-house-secondary/ .

Do register at . You can also scan this QR code to go to the registration link:

qr-code (CHS EOY Open House Registration)

CH8 Tuesday Report 星期二特写 《钟声响起时》22 Aug 8.30pm

Mediacorp Channel 8 is presently featuring schools with established Chinese culture and background in its series Tuesday Report 星期二特写 《钟声响起时》on Tuesday nights.

Catholic High School will be featured in our own episode on 22 Aug 2017, 8.30pm: watch it on TV, Toggle or Facebook.

Learn more at:

Ch8 Tuesday Report on CHS (22 Aug 2017)

CH8 Tuesday Report about CHS 星期二特写 <钟声响起时> (22 Aug 2017)

Our sister school, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, will have their episode screened on 15 Aug.

“City Of Dreams”concert @ Singapore Botanic Garden (6 Aug)

The newly established Eunoia Junior College Symphonic Band presents “City Of Dreams”, a concert that also features the bands from Catholic High School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School.

The collaboration between these schools marks the first time the 4 schools, all of which are now connected, are working synergistically towards a realisation of an artistic dream.

“City of Dreams” is derived from Benjamin Yeo’s composition of the same name. Mr Yeo is a well sought after local composer who is internationally notable for his original wind band works. “City of Dreams” symbolises and celebrates Singapore’s vibrant band scene while remembering our nation’s history, especially as National Day comes around.

Experience nostalgia as the bands present a variety of uniquely Singaporean songs, from National Day songs such as ‘Home’ and ‘Where I Belong’, to classics such as ‘Kopi-O’ and Bunga ‘Sayang’. Come join us with family and friends and have an enchanting time of singing, dancing and simply reliving the good old days while celebrating our Nation’s 52nd birthday!

Learn more at:


Support Our JIP team at ?新空下 National Xinyao Competition Grand Finals

Our student, Jackie Lau, along with our EJC student Damien Teo (from CHS IP class of 2016) and EJC, SNGS and SCGS students participated as a team “J.I.P 小组” in the “新空下-新谣歌唱与创作比赛” and have made it into the grand finals! Their team is in fact the only combined school team with members from more than one school.

The grand finals will be held on 12 August 2017, 6.30pm, at the Singapore Polytechnic convention centre.

Do show them your support, and vote for the group on

You can vote once a day, so give them your daily encouragement!

You can read more about this at:

Here’s a photo of the team “J.I.P 小组” at the semi-finals:

19466471_1992795827621689_3434559852328056449_o (1)

Family Day and Homecoming 2017 (1 July 2017)

‘Building Our Future’

CHS Homecoming & Family Day 2017

We would like to extend our invitation to all old boys, students’ families, school partners and community members to our annual Catholic High School’s Family Day & Homecoming which will be held on Saturday 1st July 2017 from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm. It will be a fun-filled and meaningful event where our students, parents, teachers, old boys and school partners come together as one big family to mingle and build bonds. The theme for this year’s Family Day and Homecoming is ‘Building Our Future’.

Visit our Facebook page for this event to receive the latest information:

Limelight 2017 @ The Esplanade Concert Hall

by Catholic High School Edward Becheras Choir

CHS Choir Limelight 22May2017

Our Edward Becheras Choir has been invited by The Esplanade to perform on 22 May 2017 as part of their signature Limelight series.

Our Edward Becheras Choir is a premier, multi-award winning Soprano Alto Tenor and Bass (SATB) choir under the guidance and instruction of internationally-acclaimed choral director and conductor, Professor Nelson Kwei and Mr Kane Teo. Well regarded in the local choral community and acknowledged as one of the top Secondary School choirs in Singapore, the Edward Becheras Choir hail from humble origins almost half a century ago. The choir has evolved to become a sophisticated group known for producing quality music.

This rare choir showcases male sopranos and altos – usually sung by female voices. Through months of rigorous practising of technique, the choir has honed the skill of singing with a falsetto, creating a beautiful tone quality unique to male upper voices. They pride themselves with a prodigious repertoire of choral songs, ranging from the classics to modern selections, from timely to dynamic pieces, providing choristers with exposure towards the various styles of choral music. Holding a multitude of awards to its name, the choir is also often invited to participate in workshops and masterclasses.

Join them at their debut performance at Limelight on 22 May 2017!

You can buy the tickets at:

Open House (27 May 2017) for secondary section

Catholic High School - Catholic News Advert for Open House 2017 - final for website (5May2017)
Join us at our Open House 2017 on 27 May 2017, 8.30am to 12.30pm, to learn more about our school and what we can offer to nurture students that become part of our family.
You can learn more about our 2017 DSA-Sec as well, and have your questions answered by our team and students.
At our Open House, there will also be:
  1. Principal’s Talk
  2. Subject Booths
  3. School Tour
  4. CCA Showcase
  5. … and more.

Register now and join us on 27 May! Registration will help us prepare for your visit and customise the experience.(