Overview and Purpose

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’   ~  (Unknown)  ~

Teach Me to Fish at Catholic High School (Primary) is a customised experiential learning programme for P1 to P6 pupils, focusing on building life skills competencies in our pupils.  We believe that life skills competencies are necessary for the overall development of pupils.  These competencies are the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that pupils need to possess to become healthy and well-balanced individuals.  The pupils’ ability to manage self would mean a higher degree of success in managing other areas in their lives.  

Approach and Experience

At Catholic High School (Primary), we use experiential learning approach to provide pupils with a cycle of experiences, observation, reflection and application to acquire practical skills for personal effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Practising everyday responsibilities in daily lives;
  • Cultivating good habits for life;
  • Respecting others through taking care of shared spaces; and
  • Building independent and confident individuals.

The theme and activites for every level are as follows:

Primary 1Getting Ready for SchoolImportance of basic mannersPacking of school bagsDressing smartly Cleaning and packing desk area in classroom
Primary 2Preparing for School and Cultivating Good HabitsSweeping of classroomCleaning and packing of personal lockers in classroomTying of shoelaces
Primary 3Practising Personal and Social ResponsibilitiesFolding, buttoning and hanging of clothesCleaning of table, proper wipe-down of table in class and disposal of food trash bag
Primary 4Preparing for CampSimple sewingPacking of camp itemsPacking of sleeping bags
Primary 5Preparing for WorkCareer talk (ECG)Dress smartly and appropriately, e.g. how to tie a necktie
Primary 6Speaking Confidently and Getting Ready for InterviewInterview decorumSharing on interview experiences
P1 pupils learning how to pack their own school bags.
P2 pupils learning how to tie shoe laces.

It takes a village to raise a child.  In order to strengthen the effectiveness of TM2F programme, we partner with families and community to create a holistic education for our pupils.  Families are encouraged to provide opportunities for our pupils to put into practice at home the skills that they have learnt through the programme for reinforcement and consistency.  In the event when interaction between pupils and external partners is allowed, parent volunteers from the Parent Support Group will provide hands-on coaching and guidance for our pupils.