Our Philosophy

The CHS Science curriculum believes in equipping students to view the world through the perspective of science, nurturing them to have a passion for discovery and innovation in life and guiding them to use their scientific knowledge to lead others for the betterment of our society.
We aim to nurture Inquirers, Investigators and Innovators.

Our Approach


Science, engineering, and technology are ubiquitous in modern life, and many of humanity’s most pressing challenges at present and in the future require the next generation of creative and critical thinkers to tackle them. All of these challenges, like climate change, renewable energy, clean water, ageing and disease require knowledge, skills and paradigms across multiple disciplines. Science education must provide opportunities that emphasize depth, authentic problem solving with interdisciplinary focus over compartmentalised subjects, discrete facts and teaching to the test. The CHS interdisciplinary Science, Technology and Engineering Programme (iSTEP) aims to produce students who are inquirers, investigators and innovators who will make meaningful contributions to the society. In the 21st century, students must not only have knowledge and skills but the right attitudes and values as well. Making sound and ethical decisions will allow them to make a positive impact and benefit the people around them. The 4 E’s of the programme are enhance, excite, engage and empower.

Signature Programmes

Academic Programme

CERGY Programme (Sec 2 to 4)

Chemistry and Physics Olympiads Training Programmes (Sec 3 and 4)
Inter-Class Science Quiz (Sec 1 and 2)
Australian National Chemistry Quiz
Big Science Competition

Research Programme
Science Mentorship Programme (SMP) by Gifted Education Branch
Research Exposure Program (REP) by A*STAR
Youth Research Programme (YRP) by IBN
Youth Science Conference
CRADL Research Programme by Singapore Science Centre

Work Attachment Programme
Changi General Hospital Work Experience Programme (WEP)
Alexandra Hospital Attachment
Singapore Science Centre Attachment

Enrichment Workshops
NTU Nanyang Science & Engineering Experience (seeNTU)
PET Rocket Workshop
Musical Keyboard

Fieldtrips and Visits
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech)
NUS Cryo Electron Microscopy Facility
NUS Anatomy Museum