About Passion Pursuit

The Passion Pursuit programme in Catholic High School comprises an Independent and Elective component. The programme objectives are broadly to enable students to:

  • develop 21st Century Competencies;
  • discover passions by undertaking new challenges; and
  • develop new skills and acquire knowledge beyond the classroom

Passion Pursuit (Elective)

Passion Pursuit ElectivePassion Pursuit (Elective)
offers opportunities for all IP and OP students to pursue exciting and diverse activities in the non-academic domains such as golf, fencing, calligraphy and tap dance. The main goal of the programme is to develop “Interesting Catholic High gentlemen” who are multifaceted and skilled in a number of pursuits. The modules also develop our students in areas such as psycho-motor skills, interpersonal skills and multicultural literacy. Some of the modules also help our students to acquire innovation skills and new multi-modal (e.g. visual) communication skills. Furthermore, PP(Elective) help allow our students to explore and discover passions for things that they otherwise not typically do in lessons or at home.

Our Approach

Passion Pursuit ElectiveApproach-wise, students will be offered a wide variety of activities after their end-of-year examinations, expanding their exposure in 3 categories of elective modules:

  • Ruggedness Electives
  • Creative Electives
  • Inventive Electives

Students get to try out many experiences that will not be found in the usual school curriculum. This adds on to the holistic development of students beyond their academic and CCA involvements.

Examples of PP(Elective) Modules

Some of the modules we have offered in the past are:


Passion Pursuit Elective