Catholic High School

Secondary 1 & Year 1

Matters (2019 Cohort)




to 公教 !


Level 1 (2019) Registration (20 Dec 2018, 8.30am)

Our heartiest congratulations to all P6 students who have completed their Primary School education. Please click on the relevant link for information and forms for more information.

Please note that Catholic High School’s carpark will not be opened to visitors during our Registration Day due to our limited parking spaces.

Sec 1 & Year 1 Appeal

The appeal for joining our Secondary 1 and Year 1 (2019 cohort) will open on 19 December and close on 24 December, 11.59pm. Appeal can only be submitted online; we do not accept walk-in appeal.


Your son would need to meet the following cut-off for PSLE T-Score:

  • O-Level Programme – 251
  • Integrated Programme – 254


Please have scanned copies of the following for the online appeal:

  • PSLE Results Slip
  • Verification Slip
  • P6 results and information (e.g. CCA) from primary school report book

Please prepare a write-up of not more than 300 words to share on why you would like to join our school.