Dual Track O-Level Programme & Integrated Programme

To achieve the Desired Outcomes of a Catholic High School Education, we offer the Dual Track of Integrated Programme (also known as the Joint Integrated Programme) and O-Level Programme. Both tracks will prepare students for the A-Level in Pre-University institutions, e.g. junior colleges. IP students will matriculate to the new Eunoia Junior College. OP students may also opt to articulate to a Polytechnic instead for Diploma courses. Student joining CHS will choose their track during the DSA Exercise or the Sec 1 (S1) Posting Exercise.

Whether it is the IP or O-Level curriculum, students in both programmes will enjoy opportunities to interact and learn together. For our top tier students who show a strong aptitude and passion for learning, CHS will provide them with our most challenging and rigorous talent development programmes.

JIP students walking together

Joint Integrated Programme

Our IP is a joint programme offered together with Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (CHIJ SNGS). The 6-year IP leverages the strengths of the three schools and provide the best of our students with a broad-based curriculum that is both rigorous and enriching beyond just academic content. The signature programmes of the JIP are the Passion Pursuit (Independent) and World Readiness Programme.

The IP students from CHS, CHIJ SNGS and SCGS will spend their first four years in their respective secondary schools before progressing to Eunoia JC for two years of A-Level. IP students will proceed to Eunoia JC without taking the O-Levels, so that they can use the time to engage in broader learning experiences.

Click here to learn more about the Joint Integrated Programme co-designed by the JIP schools: About JIP


O-Level Programme

Science_01CHS continues to offer our established 4-year O-Level curriculum, which aims to provide a rigorous and enriched learning experience for our non-IP students so that they can excel at the GCE O-Level examinations. They are also offered our signature programmes such as our Passion Pursuit (Elective) to develop their character, 21CC, passions and skills beyond the classroom. OP students will apply to post-secondary learning institutions using their O-Level results.

Prospective students may want to take note that CHS OP students do not have affiliation bonus points when applying to EJC, but have affiliation bonus points when applying to Catholic Junior College. (CJC is affiliated to Catholic schools)

steampunk-clipart-hand-pointing-50pxClick here to learn more about the similarities and differences between the IP and OP tracks.