Citizenship Education

Citizenship Education in CHS is an integral component of our students’ development and experience in school. Our approach towards Citizenship Education is intricately linked to the school’s vision and mission and endeavours to develop gentlemen-leaders with a strong sense of purpose, a heart and stake in the nation and are well-integrated into both community and society.

  • We celebrate and commemorate 4 main National Education events namely, ‘Total Defence Day’, ‘International Friendship Day’, ‘Racial Harmony Day’ and ‘National Day’.
  • Through the activities of these events, we aim to cultivate a common national and cultural identity in each pupil through nurturing a sense of responsibility and care to the nation and society, and building a shared commitment to the ideals of Singapore.
  • We also believe that it is important for our pupils to know and preserve Singapore’s heritage and culture through organising heritage trails to distinctive places with valuable and cultural memories of Singapore.
  • In addition, interdisciplinary learning journeys combining Citizenship education and academic learning bring a range of different perspectives to learning, as our pupils make meaning and connection between daily living and what is taught in class. This is essential in preparing our students to be ready citizens for the future.
Our students paying respect at the Kranji War Memorial

Above: Our students paying respect at the Kranji War Memorial