Moulding Our Gentlemen’s Character, One Day at a Time

Moulding Character & Values

Our Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum is grounded in our school vision – Leaders, Gentlemen and Bilingual Scholars, with High Integrity and Robust Character, who are Passionate about Life, Learning and Service to Others. The curriculum provides multiple platforms and opportunities for our students to realise their potential alongside their academic learning.

At Catholic High, every teacher is a CCE teacher, and the teaching of values and citizenry is infused into the school curriculum.

  • Every morning assembly begins with a prayer to prepare our students’ minds for the day’s learning, and our Principal starts each week with a personal sharing on values.
  • During our Morning Breakfast Session, students can discuss ideas and concerns with their Form Teachers in a small-group setting.
  • In CCE lessons, students will learn about values such as love, respect and resilience. They also get to explore different leadership styles, and discuss issues concerning Singapore and the world.
  • Out of the classrooms, students can connect what they have learned with hands-on Values-in-Action (VIA) projects, apply leadership skills on various platforms including CCAs, and share their learning experiences through Personalised Mentoring with the teachers.
  • In addition, the thematic commemoration of Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day complements the CCE curriculum for deep discussions on our country.
  • Through Citizenship Education Learning Journeys, students will learn about our Nation’s Past, Present and Charted Future, and how they can play a part in making the Present better and in transforming our Future.

Class Wefie

Moulding our students’ character requires a multi-faceted approach. In addition to CCE lessons and VIA projects, our students also take part in our ‘Gentleman in the Making’ Programme, where they will:

  • Attend workshops such as Values Workshop for Level 1 students, and
  • Social and Etiquette Workshops and Lifeskills Workshops for Levels 2 to 4 students.

Through these workshops, our students will learn about values of filial piety and gentlemanly behaviour in different social settings.

(Below: students at Singapore Airshow for career learning journey)

Airshow 2018

There are also several pinnacle programmes and platforms, such as the Student Leadership Boards and CCA leadership, for developing our students who display aptitudes, attitudes, and passion to serve others for the better good of the class, school, community and society.

Students at our annual Newspaper Collection Drive

(Above: Annual Newspaper Collection Drive)

Students attending the Dining Etiquette workshop

(Above: Dining Etiquette Workshop)