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(For students studying in other schools)

Students presently studying in CHS will be notified via various internal platforms by the HOD/IP and Year Heads: please look out for these briefings in Term 4 (2018), and do not refer to this web page.

(SECTION A) Introduction

  1. Catholic High School (CHS), together with CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School,  Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and, Eunoia Junior College (EJC) offers the 6-year Joint Integrated Progamme.
  2. Admission to the CHS Integrated Programme (IP) Year 3 in 2019 is now open for application to boys in Secondary 2 in 2018.
  3. Successful students will spend two years in CHS and the final two years in EJC. Students admitted to the IP will by-pass the GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations and proceed directly to EJC after the two years in CHS.

(SECTION B) Selection Criteria

  1. Applicants should have:
    1. Excellent academic results in Secondary 1 and 2;
    2. Excellent academic and/or co-curricular achievements (e.g. international/national competitions);
    3. Leadership skills and/or role(s) (e.g. in CCA, Prefect team);
    4. Active participation in CCAs and service; and
    5. Self-directed learning and management skills for IP curriculum.
  2. A student who was admitted through DSA (to the school that he is presently studying in) is not eligible to apply for admission into the Year 3 IP in CHS.
  3. Applicants must also be offering CL or HCL as part of their curriculum in their present schools.
  4. Applicants must be presently studying in a Singapore mainstream secondary school.

(SECTION C) Application Process

  1. Application is to be done strictly via the online form.
  2. Application opens from 3 September 2018 to 21 September 2018, 4.00pm. All applications for Year 3 IP must be made during this period only. Late application will not be considered.
  3. Applicants must also submit a personal statement via the online form. The statement should share details about the applicant’s background and his aspirations. It should also explain the motivation for applying to CHS IP and how the applicant could contribute to the CHS community.
  4. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by phone and email to attend an interview at CHS after 19 October 2018.
  5. All applicants will be notified of the results of their application via email and mail to the applicant’s email account.
  6. The following supporting documents are to be submitted when a shortlisted applicant attends our interview:
    1. Certified true copies of PSLE results,
    2. Certified true copies of Secondary 1 (full year) and Secondary 2 (mid-year, and where possible, end-of-year) results,
    3. Certified true copies of certificates participation, achievement and/or leadership in CCA and VIA; and
    4. Certificates of achievements in academic or co-curricular areas.
  7. The school reserves the right to withhold the reasons for non-selection of applicants.

Table below is a summary of the timeline for the Admission Exercise to Year 3 IP in 2019.

Date Activity
3 September 2018 (Mon) Application opens.
21 September 2018 (Fri), 4.00pm SGT Application closes.
From 22 October to 29 October 2018
(Tentative dates)
Shortlisted applicants to attend an interview at CHS.
2 November 2018
(Tentative dates)
All applicants will be notified of the results of their application via email.


(SECTION D) Instructions for Applying Online

  1. Please click on the link below for the online form (for students who are presently NOT studying in CHS):
  2. The application form takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. You do not need to submit certificates and documents at this point via this form.
  3. Please ensure that only one valid email address is provided to facilitate communications.
  4. To facilitate the online submission, you are advised to prepare your personal statement before uploading it online.
  5. Please follow the instructions carefully. An incomplete application form will not be considered.
  6. Click on ‘Submit’ to send your completed online form to us. An online message will be displayed when you have submitted your application form successfully. You may print a copy of the acknowledgement as proof of your submission.
  7. We only accept application via our online form, and we do not accept hard copy submission.
  8. External applicants (who are not studying in CHS) must note that the deadline of the application is 21 September 2018, 4.00pm. Applications received after the stated date will not be accepted.
  9. For further clarifications or enquiries, please contact the General Office at 64582177 or email to (with email subject “APPLICATION FOR YEAR 3 IP”).

(Section E) Important Information about DSA IP Year 3

  1. Catholic High School reserves the right to:
    1. Withhold information about the number of DSA places that are available and have been / will be offered; and
    2. Withhold the reasons for non-selection of applicants and the results of the DSA selection interview.
  2. Our school’s offer for admission under the DSA IP Year 3 exercise is conditional upon students’ commitment to a 4-year study in CHS (2 years in Year 3 and 4) and Eunoia Junior College (2 years in JC1 and JC2).
  3. As per MOE requirement, students admitted to our school through DSA IP Year 3 exercise will not be allowed to participate in the annual Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) as places have already been reserved for them in EJC. Students admitted to CHS through DSA-Sec Exercise will not be allowed to transfer to another school after their posting to CHS and EJC.
  4. Successful DSA IP Year 3 students admitted to CHS are expected by MOE to honour the commitment to CHS and Eunoia Junior College for the duration of the programme admitted to, i.e. 4 years with CHS and EJC.

(Section F) Enquiries about DSA IP Year 3

For inquiries regarding CHS DSA-Sec, please contact us at:

  1. Email Address:
  2. Telephone: 6458 2177

(Section G) Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (General and DSA-related)

You may have questions about our school and the DSA process (e.g. school fees, Mother Tongue, transportation, CCA) or the DSA (e.g. editing submitted application form, results that you presently don’t have).

Please visit our regularly updated FAQ page for our replies to some of the commonly asked questions from prospective students and parents.

Click here to go to the FAQ page.