World Readiness Programme

Our World Readiness Programme (WRP) is a Joint Integrated Programme Flagship, co-designed with the other JIP schools. Its goals are to develop discerning individuals with a strong sense of self and social conscience.

At weekly WRP lessons, students discuss issues that are both timely and timeless. Discussion topics are diverse and include Singapore’s place in the world, as well as Eastern and Western perspectives on diverse issues that are pertinent to life and society. They are challenged to stretch the breadth and depth of their cognition, and in a manner which develops their confidence in judgement and sense-making. Ultimately, WRP aims to inspire an on-going pursuit for fair-mindedness and intellectual confidence.

The values, skills, knowledge and perspectives that our IP students acquire in Year 1 to 4 WRP provides a strong foundation for advanced subjects offered in Eunoia JC. Our OP students also benefit from the WRP, through our World Readiness Reading Programme that is offered to all.


WRP Core Curriculum

The table below gives a glimpse of how WRP unfolds over four years in CHS.

WRP Symposium

Interactions with visiting experts complement our in-class WRP, many of which are joint symposiums with the other JIP schools. These platforms provide access to insights and authentic perspectives of speakers on diverse issues in the domains of technology, ethics, economics and leadership. Past speakers include local and foreign leaders in politics, diplomacy, finance, public service and business.