The Passion Pursuit programme in Catholic High School comprises an Independent and Elective component.

Passion Pursuit (Independent)

Passion Pursuit (Independent) is one of two Joint Integrated Programme Flagship Programmes. It is Catholic High School’s Research and Mentorship Programme for IP students only, which emphasises equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in research projects at a higher level.

The objectives of PP(Indp) are to:

  • Develop 21st Century Competencies and entrepreneurial dare in students;
  • Help students discover passions by undertaking new challenges; and
  • Develop new skills in students and guide them to acquire knowledge beyond the classroom

Our Approach

  • From Year 1 to 3, students engage in cross-disciplinary research projects with project themes cutting across different domains and disciplines to support students in discovering their interest and passion in different subject areas. Lesson will also be conducted to hone their thinking, research and communication skills, as well as develop 21st Century Competencies.
  • Year 4 students embark on a Work Attachment Programme to put into practice their 21st Century Competencies and research skills in an authentic working environment. They then undertake a Entrepreneurship Programme in Semester 2, where students will work collaboratively to identify a problem they faced during the course of attachment and come up with a solution as an entrepreneurship project. All these culminates in a Capstone Project Congress as part of our Year 4 students’ graduation.


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