Humanities Department

Our Philosophy

  • The Humanities Department seeks to maximise the learning experiences of students through experiential learning and infusing critical thinking skills via an enriched curriculum.
  • Every Catholic High student has an analytical and open mind who appreciates the interconnectedness between the physical and human environments, past and present events so as to develop a wider perspective of the world around him.

Our Approach

The Humanities Department aims to help students develop the dispositions and competencies based on the 21st Century skills.

Inquiry-based learning is employed as the main pedagogical approach, to encourage the development of skills such as critical thinking and problem.

Geographical and historical investigations provide the platform for a R.E.A.L humanities learning experience centred on the following principles:

  • Relevant
  • Experiential
  • Authentic
  • Life-long learning

The exploration of the distinct disciplines of Geography and History is intended to provide students with varied modes of thinking to interpret phenomena that they encounter in their course of study.  Pupils would be guided to draw understandings from all disciplines through performance tasks, portfolios, seminars, enrichment programs, in-depth research and field-based learning activities.

In such a way, pupils are equipped with the fundamental concepts and skills in order to engage in greater self-directed learning to do more in-depth study of these disciplines at the upper secondary levels.


Signature Programmes

  • Humanities Talent Development Programme
  • Humanities Ambassador Programme
  • Oral History Project
  • Field work and Virtual Learning Journeys
  • Singapore Seminar
  • Humanities Week
  • Humanities Research Programme
  • Humanities Seminar Series