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Catholic High School started the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese) [BSP(C)] in 2016. We offer this programme to Year 3 students who are passionate about learning from the cultures of the East and West. Year 1 and 2 students may prepare themselves for the BSP selection process (at end of Year 2), by applying for development programmes such as our Chinese Culture Youth Ambassador Programme (华青班).

This is a four-year programme. Students successfully admitted to BSP(C) will complete their Year 3 and Year 4 of BSP in Catholic High School and continue the programme at the Eunoia Junior College.



(Photo below: One of our scholar from BSP class of 2016-2017, Ong Chong Yu, with our Principal Ms Soh and HOD/MT Mdm Low at the award ceremony for his Prime Minster’s Book Prize. Established in 1974, the Prime Minister’s Book Prize is a national award recognising outstanding students for bilingualism.)

Ong Chong Yu PM's Book Prize


“Every CHS BSP student a bicultural and bilingual leader with the perspectives, principles and passion to touch lives and transform futures.”



The objectives of the BSP(C) are to:

  1. Nurture principled, bicultural and enterprising leaders who are able to engage with China and understand the West;
  2. Develop bilingual scholars who are passionate about analyzing and projecting the historical, cultural and contemporary developments of both the East and West; and
  3. Broaden our students’ horizon, and cultivate their global perspectives and world readiness as part of the global diaspora.


  1. 培养有原则、积极进取和能够联系中国和了解西方社会的双文化领袖;
  2. 培养热衷于分析和展望东西方历史、文化和当代社会发展的双文化学者;
  3. 开阔学生的视野,让他们有更广阔的世界观,为未来做好准备。

Course Outline
This programme aims to deepen students’ understanding of history, social evolution, economic developments and international relations of contemporary China with the rest of the world, particularly the West. Students will be exposed to historical analyses, experiential learning and other approaches that cultivate their interest and deepen their learning.
Besides covering topics related to China, students will also learn more about their roots and roles as Southeast Asian Chinese and how the development of China will affect them.

Students will have the opportunities to carry out research studies, attend various seminars and workshops organized by MOE and the school, as well as go for overseas immersion programme to both China and western countries.




Overseas Immersion Programme
All BSP students will have the opportunity to go for 2 to 5 weeks of overseas immersion programmes to China in Year 3.
Scholars will have the opportunity for extended immersion to China and/or a Western country in Year 4.


BSP_02  BSP_06

Students in BSP(C) will be graded based on:
• Team work research based presentation
• Individual thematic assignments
• Thesis writing in Year 4
• Written paper at the end of the year

BSP students will be given a grade for their performance in BSP at the end of year.

• 小组口头呈现
• 个人专题作业
• 论文写作
• 年底考核试卷


MOE SAP Scholarship
Year 2 Students who have obtained exemplary results in both English Language and Higher Chinese Language will be recommended for this scholarship.

The scholarship is tenable for 4 years, from Year 3 to Year 6, and scholars are to fulfil the following scholarship requirements:
a. At Year 3 and 4: Offer Higher Chinese and Chinese Electives as required by the school (BSP)
b. At Pre-University: Offer H2 China Studies (Chinese); and
c. Participate in BSP(C) activities organised by the MOE and school.

Please refer to the MOE website for more details about the scholarship.


1. 在中三和中四选修高级华文和学校规定的华文选修课。
2. 在初级学院选修H2中国通识。
3. 参加所有由教育部和学校主办的双文化课程的活动。