Open House 2017 Programme & Map (with Parking Info)

Thank you to all who registered for our 27 May Open House!

  • If you have not done so, you can register at
    • Please note that this is the Open House for the secondary section, and not for the primary section.
  • Registration will help us prepare for your visit, as well as allowing you to opt for activities such as school tour, subject experience, CCA tryouts and talks.
    • Please note that CCA tryouts at our Open House are not DSA trials, which take place only in June and July.

Open House Programme & Map (with Directions and Parking Info)

  • NEW INFO (as of 25 May 2017) – Due to the volume of newly-registered attendees and expected turnout, we have arranged for additional parking at Whitley Secondary School (right next to CHS). Parking is on a first-come-first-serve basis between 8.00am to 12.30pm. This is on top of parking in CHS and at the neighbouring multi-storey carpark.
  • Please see attached PDF for Directions & Parking:

Catholic High – Open House 27 May2017 – Directions and Parking (version 2)

  • Meanwhile, you can click on the following link to download a soft copy of our Open House 2017 Programme Sheet (PDF):

Catholic High – Open House 27May2017 – Programme Sheet (version 2)

DSA Open House 2017 Programme Sheet (Final)_Page_1

DSA Open House 2017 Programme Sheet (Final)_Page_2

CHS - Open House 2017 parking map (version 2)

2017 DSA-Sec Exercise is now open

2017 Direct School Admission – Secondary (DSA-Sec) Exercise is now open for applications by students keen to join our 2018 Level 1 cohort. 

  1. Catholic High School’s (CHS) 2017 Direct School Admission – Secondary (DSA-Sec) is now open for application. The last day for application is 4.00pm, 7 July 2017 (Friday).
  2. We have broadened our DSA-Sec categories in 2017, and CHS will now offer 9 different categories of DSA-Sec across our Dual Track of O-level Programme (OP) and Integrated Programme (IP). In addition, with effect from 2017, applicants for CHS DSA no longer need to register for the GAT and Academic Selection Tests.
  3. We welcome Primary 6 gentlemen who demonstrate diverse academic and non-academic achievements and talents to apply for a place in CHS.
  4. Click here to view our DSA application page.

DSA Banners - Leadership

艺韵悠扬 CHArts Appreciation 2017

Two evenings of spectacular SYF performances “CHArts Appreciation” are in store for you this April!

On 20th April, get blown away by our Symphony Band with their three pieces. “Sunny Island” depicts different scenes in Singapore; “Train to Bishan” traces the train journey of a CHS student on his way to school; and “Deep Purple Medley” is a compilation of favourite hits by the rock group, Deep Purple.

Next up, be enthralled by our Edward Becheras Choir, which will be presenting three pieces- “Bunga Sayang”, a familiar Asian tune; “Justorum Animae”, a Latin Offertory; and an exciting composition by Francisco Feliciano.

Wrapping up the night, let your heart and mind be warmed and cheered by our Chinese Drama Society’s “Mud, 泥土”.

On 21st April, be thrilled by the Chinese Orchestra’s motivational and energetic set piece “焰火”, as well as their heart wrenching and sorrowful piece, “悲歌悼情”.

Next, be inspired by our Modern Dancers’ “Backpacked”, as our dancers embody the spirit of determination and resilience.

Be captivated by the finale performance “Long Ya Men” from our English Drama Society, which tells a tale set in the 18th century about a group of Chinese peasants who escaped from a failed rebellion. The men followed the advice of four wise sages and embarked on a gruelling journey to find a land of peace.

Let’s support all our performing arts groups! Come down to CHArts Appreciation and cheer on our brothers for their performances

Congratulations to Mrs Michele Lau, Awardee for President’s Award for Teachers 2016

We celebrate with our Lead Teacher, Mrs Michele Lau, who received the prestigious President’s Award for Teachers 2016 at the Istana on 1 September 2016.

We also congratulate her team of Georgraphy teachers who won the MOE Innergy Award (Gold) for innovative teaching. We would like to thank our PSG, CHA, alumni and partners for your continuous support for our teachers!

Read more at:

About the President’s Award for Teachers
The President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) recognises excellent teachers for their role in moulding the future of our nation. These teachers inspire both their students and peers, through their words and deeds. They are role models that exemplify the Ethos of the Teaching Profession. This Award is conferred by the President of the Republic of Singapore on Teachers’ Day. 

Congratulations to CHS’ 2016 MOE Innergy Award (Gold) Winners

Congratulations to our geography teachers, Lead Teacher Mrs Michele Lau, Ms Syuhaida and Mr Winfred Oh for winning the 2016 MOE Innergy Award (Gold) for their project on game-based learning for Geography, ‘Sovereign City’. Our students have learned through this game when they were taught the topic of “Energy”.

The Innergy award (results announced in August 2016) recognises innovative ideas that are implemented, and the project is one of only two Gold awards given in 2016 for the teaching and learning category.

Once again, congratulations to the team: we are proud of all our teachers’ commitment to innovative teaching and their dedication to the care for our students!

(In photo from left to right: Mr Winfred Oh, Mrs Michele Lau and Ms Syuhaida, with their ‘Sovereign City’ card game)