Catholic High School is an educational institution of excellence rooted in over 80 years of rich heritage. Founded in 1935 by Father Edward Becheras, Catholic High School has grown from its humble beginnings at a small shack in Queen Street to a school distinguished by its diverse educational offering catering to boys aged 6 to 16. As an Autonomous School offering both the Integrated Programme and the O-Level Programme, our enriched curriculum broadens and deepens our gentlemen’s intellectual pursuits and 21st century competencies in the context of a fast-changing global world. As a Special Assistance Plan School offering the MOE Bicultural Studies Programme, we are committed to developing effectively bilingual and bicultural scholars with a passion for the language and understanding of the culture. We also offer the MOE Music Elective Programme and school based talent development programmes for English, Humanities, Mathematics and Sciences to give our gentlemen ample opportunities to develop their interests and strengths. Beyond academic endeavours, our gentlemen further develop their passion and leadership qualities through a wide range of enrichment programmes and CCAs.

Being a Catholic mission school, the value of love undergirds all that we do at Catholic High School. The culture of care in a God-centred environment is forged by nurturing teachers who go the extra mile to shape the character of our gentlemen and guide them in their learning. Every year, our outstanding and innovative teachers receive accolades from the teaching fraternity, parents and students in recognition of their high level of competency and care. We are also blessed with unstinting support from our alumni and parents who rally around our common mission of providing the best education to all Catholic High Gentlemen.

The Catholic High Spirit is an invigorating one that transcends generations. This is a school that heeds the call of the school anthem wherever we are. This is a school characterised by a common bond of brotherhood that stands by values and principles. This is a school where our blood is green. Catholic High School has nurtured countless boys from various backgrounds into key contributors in all sectors of our society – from politics to civil society, public service to private enterprise, sciences to the arts, and from Singapore to ASEAN to the world at large. We welcome you to our home of leaders, gentlemen and bilingual scholars as we continue to forge extraordinary pathways in touching lives and transforming futures.

Mr Poh Chun Leck




作为一所天主教学校,公教中学秉持“爱”的办学理念, 不遗余力地塑造学生的品德并引导他们学习。充满爱心的教师更是公教以天主为中心的关怀文化强而有力的基石。公教出色并富有创意的教师也获得教育界同仁、家长和学生的认可,频频获得奖项与表彰。公教也得到众多校友与家长慷慨无私的支持与奉献,团结一致地为学生们提供最优越的教育。

公教的精神是振奋人心的 — 它由历届校友传承至今,一代接一代地把它升华并发扬光大。在公教,校歌的响起必定心系所有公教学子。在公教,兄弟情谊是根深蒂固的。在公教,我们的血液是绿色的。这么多年以来, 公教坚持不懈地培养来自不同阶层与背景的学生们,而他们目前都在各自的领域发光发热,为社会做出贡献。无论是政治或公民社会,公共服务或私人企业,科学或艺术,从新加坡到亚细安,甚至到世界各地,公教的校友都烙下他们的印记。欢迎你加入公教这培育领袖、彬彬君子与双语学者的绿色故乡。让我们继续秉持着公教的使命,共同触动生命、创造未来。

傅俊力 校长