Principal Ms Soh Lai Leng MagdalenA Catholic mission school, the value of love undergirds all that we do at Catholic High School. The culture of care in a God-centred environment is forged by our nurturing teachers who go the extra mile to shape the character of our gentlemen and guide them in their learning, with unstinting support from our alumni and parents. Every year, our outstanding and innovative teachers receive accolades from the teaching fraternity, parents and students in recognition of their high level of competency and care.

An Autonomous School offering both the Integrated Programme (IP) and the O-level Programme (OP), we are able to extend our curriculum, broadening and deepening our gentlemen’s 21st century competencies and perspectives of the global world. Steadfast to the vision of our Founder, Reverend Father Edward Becheras, our school built a conducive learning environment to develop effectively bilingual and bicultural scholars. A SAP (Special Assistance Plan) school offering the MOE Bicultural Studies Programme, alongside the MOE Music Elective Programme and school-based talent development programmes in English, Humanities, Mathematics and Sciences, our gentlemen have ample opportunities to develop their interests and strengths. Beyond academic endeavours, our gentlemen further develop their passions and leadership qualities through our wide range of enrichment programmes and CCAs.

We welcome you to join the Catholic High Family on this exciting and challenging journey towards a fun, enriching and rewarding experience at Catholic High.

Ms Soh Lai Leng Magdalen






苏丽玲 校长