Programme For Active Learning (PAL)

Term 4 marks the end of Primary 2 pupils Programme for Active Learning experience. Being the pioneer batch to have undergone 2 years of PAL lessons, they are now ready to put into practice the social emotional skills they have learnt during PAL lessons into their daily lives.

With social skills such as turn-taking and mending relationships taught during PAL lessons, the pupils are better equipped to handle different experiences that they encounter. Here are some examples of Primary 2 pupils applying the skills that they have learnt in PAL lesson:

“ I have learnt to control my anger and apply what I have learnt during PAL lessons on how to control my anger when I am angry with my brother” — J’Rix (2 Gentleness)

“I have learnt to control my temper when someone disturbs me. I will not react but walk away.” Jasper Yap (2 Goodness)

Parents have also shared their observations on the impact of PAL in their children’s behaviour.

“ My son has shown that he is more confident, enjoys going to school and able to turn-take, a skill he learnt during his PAL lessons”—Marissa Joel (Parent of Jeshiah Joel 1 Goo)

“After undergoing 2 years of PAL lessons, my son is more aware of the Social Emotional Competencies and has displayed them through actions in his daily activities. He is more familiar with terms such as self-awareness and self-management through the facilitation done by Mrs Kong. PAL has been beneficial for my child’s holistic development”—Adrianna Chiew (Parent of – Bertram Chiew 2 Joy

2 Kindness pupils having a debrief of a PAL OE lesson
2 Charity pupils producing an artwork collectively.