The school adopts an inquiry-based approach in the teaching and learning of Science. Varied teaching strategies such as concept and mind mapping, cooperative learning, concept cartoon, role play, questioning and field trips provide our young learners the opportunities to develop concepts, skills and attitudes for scientific inquiry through experiential learning and to engage them to make learning fun and meaningful.

The curriculum provides pupils a broad understanding of the natural world. To help the boys understand Science in the context of the living environment, the teaching and learning of Science is not just confined within the classrooms but rather learning beyond classrooms. The outdoor becomes the living classroom where learning is authentic and relevant. The experiential learning and enrichment lessons arouse pupils’ curiosity and interest in Science.

The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) also complements the teaching and learning. Tools such as iPAD for garden trail and dataloggers to conduct investigations better engage the boys and also build their 21st century competencies.