I3 (Inquire, Ignite & Inspire) Learning

The I3 learning focuses on concepts and skills necessary in scientific inquiry. Explicit teaching of skills and processes and scientific steps in investigation (Investigative Science) encourage pupils to seek new knowledge and discover about things and phenomenon around them.

E3 (Engage, Explore & Enrich) Learning

In E3 learning, pupils take ownership of their learning as there are opportunities given to excite them and experience the natural environment around them. The E3 programmes enthuse pupils in the wonder of Science around them:

Science Eureka! (P1 and P2)

The lessons are in line with the English themes to increase and extend the pupils’ schema. The aim is to prepare the pupils with the appropriate process skills for the formal Science curriculum at Primary 3.

Enriched Curriculum (P3 – P6)

Enrichment lessons are planned for the different levels to supplement the learning content.

P3 – Micro-biology Lesson

P4 – Ice-cream Making Workshop

P5 – Diversity of Cells @ DNA Learning Lab, Singapore Science Centre

P6 – Environment Studies

Experiential Learning

To promote self-directed learners and cultivate in our boys a passion for exploring Science, varied programmes and activities are catered across the levels:

  • Ecotrail
  • Junior Einstein Project
  • Hydroponics Experiential Programme
  • Science Alive!
  • Science Week
  • Youth for the Environment Day (Earth Day Activities)