CCE Vision

A CHS pupil is an upright leader, active contributor and critical thinker, who is resilient, confident and has a heart for the nation and community.

Teach Me to Fish Programme


Character Development is integral to the Catholic High brand of holistic education. Our Teach Me to Fish Programme is one of the signature programmes of our department designed to cater to the development of our students’ life skills.

Teach Me to Fish serves to complement the weekly Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons for the total development of pupils. It aims to develop personal effectiveness in pupils by equipping them with practical life-skills. These complement the knowledge, competencies and attributes developed through the school’s Character and Citizenship Education curriculum.

Through a progressive 6-year programme structure, pupils are taught life skills such as cleaning of their own personal spaces, tying shoelaces and simple first-aid. Our programme has a 6-year structure so as to specifically address in the Life Skills at various levels. Though these skills may be taught at home, but they are far too important and sometimes overlooked by some of our students. The 2-hour lessons are carried out as part of our post-examination activities.  A group of enthusiastic and supportive parent volunteers will work together with our teachers to facilitate the learning of the life skills to the pupils.

Character HeroeS Programme

Education is for life. Besides equipping our pupils with cognitive knowledge, we believe in nurturing pupils to becoming well-balanced and happy young gentlemen.

With this in mind, Character HeroeS (CHS), a school-based character development programme, aims to teach pupils skills and competencies through 2 main prongs:

  • Termly Value Lessons
    ·       Values in Action @ Catholic High School (Primary)

Termly Value Lessons

The termly value lessons are conducted by our teachers based on our school values:

  1. We do everything with love
    2.   We pursue our goals with constancy of purpose
    3.   We promote creativity
    4.   We seek continuous improvement

Values in Action @ Catholic High School (Primary)

Values in Action is a learning experience in Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) that enhances students’ development as socially responsible citizens through ownership of their contribution to the community.

Students are given an opportunity to choose and have a voice in what they believe will make a difference in the community. Being actively involved in learning about and appreciating the community develops their sense of commitment in playing their part to make it a better place.

This learning experience takes students on a journey as they form their identities, clarify their values and develop social-emotional competencies. When they know who they are and how they can play their part, students form relationships with the people around them in a meaningful and respectful manner. When students apply what they learn, they make responsible choices and become informed and concerned citizens of good character.

Structure of VIA @ Catholic High School (Primary):


Cyberwellness@CHS -Cyber Happy and Savvy

The objective of our Cyberwellness@CHS Programme is for all CHS pupils to be developed into” Cyber Happy and Savvy” users of the internet.


Our aim is to encourage and promote safe, responsible use of the Internet and healthy gaming of our pupils. We would like to raise the awareness and impart essential coping skills in evaluating what the pupils read, see and hear in the media. We strongly believe that all pupils must be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and values/attitudes to navigate the internet safely. They also need to know how to practise netiquette, balance their time spent on technology and be on guard of the dangers of online predators.