Signature Programmes from PE department

The PE Department plans a series of activities and enrichments for our pupils. Under these signature programmes, pupils are able to discover their inert talents and potentials on top of the fundamental and psycho-motor skills that they get to learn during their PE lessons.


In Catholic High School (Primary), part of the Physical Education programme for the pupils is to cultivate them to be socially responsible citizens by contributing meaningfully to the community through learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. With that in mind, all the Primary Four pupils were accompanied by their Physical Education teachers to Bishan Active Park to perform Values-In-Action (VIA) activity by picking up litter in the park and were also inculcated with values of conserving the environment. At the end of the activity, the pupils were encouraged to pen down their thoughts and reflections, as well as how they can further enhance the well-being of the community.

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Wushu Programme

Primary One pupils are introduced to a 5-week Wushu programme where they will learn the steps for “Wu Bu Quan”, a kind Chinese martial arts for beginners.

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Volleyball Programme (LLP)

The pupils will also go through progressive 6-weeks programme of volleyball lessons and to acquire the necessary fundamental skills of a net-barrier game.


Rockclimbing Programme

The Primary 4 pupils will also undergo rockclimbing lessons in school. One of benefits of rockclimbing is that it will develop and strengthen core muscles better than exercise routine and thus leading to a stronger, less injury prone body. Rockclimbing exercise will also enhance social emotional competencies, in particular, relationship management and responsible decision-making skills. By learning to put trust in the person holding their ropes will foster strong relationships and build rapport among the pupils. In addition, pupils will have to plan and make decision on the climbing routes that they would like to take on.


Dance Programme

Apart from introducing the PE syllabus of the Dance module to all the Catholic High pupils, they also undergo a 6-week of Hip Hop dance programme and they perform at the end of the dance programme to the entire level.