Developing Resilient and Rugged Leaders

The Physical Education & Co-curricular Activities in CHS aims to deliver a thinking and differentiated curriculum with innovative student-centric and values-driven programmes that promote psychomotor, cognitive and affective development. The end in mind is to develop holistic health amongst students through promotion of a healthy lifestyle in Physical Education and Co-curricular Activities, and groom 21st century CHS leaders with a robust character and a passion to serve.

Co-curricular Activities

Catholic High School offers a range of Co-curricular Activities to provide our students in OP and IP with a platform to discover their interests and talents. Through the CCAs, our students are guided to live a balanced education experience that cultivates and develops friendship, resilience, lifeskills, leadership qualities and other competencies. This helps our students to lead a balanced life in adulthood. In turn, our students have also accomplished a great deal in national competitions, performances and other opportunities.

NCC Air students at their pass-out parade

Above: NCC Air students at their passing-out parade

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(1) Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) instil in students a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of our multi-racial society. We offer 6 Visual and Performing Arts CCAs, and all have achieved credible results at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentations and are recognised for their excellence. For example, in 2015, our Symphony Band was invited by the esteemed Boston Brass to perform with them at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory.

Our 6 Performing Arts CCAs are:

  • Chinese Drama
  • Chinese Orchestra
  • Edward Becheras Choir
  • English Drama
  • Modern Dance
  • Symphony Band

(2) Physical Sports develop discipline, robustness, fair play and team spirit in students. We offer 8 Physical Sports CCAs, and all have achieved successes at the National School Games.

Our 8 Physical Sports CCAs are:

  • Basketball
  • Floorball
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
  • Wushu

(3) Uniformed Groups (UG) aim to nurture students as good citizens of the world, by inculcating self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others. We offer 5 Uniformed Groups CCA, and they have been attaining Gold Unit Awards for consecutive years.

Our 5 UG CCAs are:

  • NCC Air
  • NCC Land
  • NPCC
  • Scouts
  • St John Ambulance Brigade

Physical Education

Student on high-elements at our ODLC

Above: Student on high-elements at our ODLC

The vision of the PE department is for every Catholic High Pupil to enjoy physical activity and to develop a passion for sports by acquiring relevant knowledge and game skills so as to foster the desire to maintain an active lifestyle, as well as, to display the spirit for good sportsmanship. To attain this, its mission is to enhance each child’s physiological and motor skill development and to develop fair play and teamwork so that he can participate in a variety of physical activities and games.

These are some of the PE programmes we offer to students in IP and OP:

  1. Physical Education Programmes
    • Territorial, Net Barrier, Striking / Fielding Games & Sports
    • Physical Health & Fitness
    • Outdoor Education
  2. Sports Participation Programmes
    • Inter-class Sports Carnival
    • Inter-class Games
    • Passion Pursuit Sports Electives
  3. Rugged Outdoor Programmes
    • Level 1 Rugged Outdoor Programme
    • Level 2 Rugged Outdoor Camp
    • Level 3 Outward Bound Singapore
  4. Sports & Rugged Enrichment Programme
  5. Sports Talent Development Programme
    • O-Level PE Programme
    • Student Leadership Development Programmes
      • Student Health Ambassadors
      • Co-curricular Activities Leaders

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