National Education (NE)

NE @ Catholic High School seeks to develop in our pupils the civic knowledge, understanding, skills, values, motivation and identity so that they will be able to play their role well as concerned citizens and active contributors, and to co-construct the next chapter of Singapore.

NE is anchored on the following citizenship dispositions, which enable our pupils to realise their part in the flourishing of their community and nation:

  • A sense of belonging: To develop a deeper understanding of who we are, and a shared understanding of the values that are important to us as a nation.
  • A sense of reality: To be aware of the contemporary realities – including Singapore’s constraints and vulnerabilities – which affect us as a nation amidst the backdrop of a less predictable world.
  • A sense of hope: Having confidence and optimism in Singapore’s future and the resilience to face the challenges ahead.

Through these citizenship dispositions, we hope to cultivate in our pupils the will to act so as to be active citizens who have a collective resolve and a sense of shared mission towards building a Singapore for all.

Our School Programmes

(A) Commemoration of NE Events

  • Total Defence Day
  • International Friendship Day
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • National Day

We commemorate the four NE core events as they are linked to important points in Singapore’s history through customizing learning activities to cater to our pupils’ needs to create holistic learning experiences.

(B) Interdisciplinary Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys are interactive experiences that allow our pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Singapore’s history, geography and culture.

(C) P5 NE Show
As part of the NE programme, all P5 pupils are given the opportunity to attend a special preview of the National Day Parade every year.

Social Studies (SS)
In Catholic High School, the social studies seeks to prepare our pupils to be informed, concerned and participative citizens by helping them to better understand the interconnectedness in Singapore and the world they live in, and appreciate the complexities of the human experience so that they can reconstruct the next chapter of Singapore.

Below is a table that summarizes what the Social Studies Syllabus covers to equip our pupils with knowledge, skills and values outcomes that will develop them into informed, concerned and participative citizens with a global outlook.

Area of Focus 1: Discovering Self and Immediate Environment
P1: Knowing Myself, Others and My Surroundings P2: Coming Together as a Nation
Area of Focus 2: Understanding Singapore in the Past and Present
P3: Understanding Singapore P4: Valuing Our Past
Area of Focus 3: Appreciating the World and Region We live in
P5: Appreciating the World P6: Discovering Southeast Asia