We take charge of  4 main National Education events namely, ‘Total Defence Day’, ‘International Friendship Day’, ‘Racial Harmony Day’ and ‘National Day’. Through the celebrations of all these events, we aim to cultivate a common national and cultural identity in each pupil. We aim to help them possess a sense of responsibility to the nation and shared commitment to the ideals of the nation and its culture. The P5 NE show is another event where  the Singapore spirit and pride is brought out in our pupils and helps them appreciate Singapore for what it has become.

We also believe that it is important for our pupils to know and preserve Singapore’s heritage and culture through organising heritage trails to distinctive places with valuable history and memories in Singapore. This is in addition to the organisation of interdisciplinary learning journeys for all levels with the objective of nurturing our pupils to be well-rounded individuals and create an impact in shaping their interests. A successful academic programme includes activities outside the classroom, links experiences with theory, injects life and meaning to what is taught in class. This is essential to the educational process and maximises pupils’ learning experience.

The fire drill evacuation is also conducted annually for the whole school to prepare them for any sudden emergencies or fires.