Our Vision

A vibrant Mathematics learning environment that instills confidence in problem solving and promotes creative and critical thinking.

Our Mission

To equip each child with the problem solving skills through innovative and interesting programmes to engage their minds as well as relate Math to real-life situations.

Our Philosophy

We, the Mathematics Department, believe in nurturing the child to be an effective problem solver through innovative and interesting programmes to engage their minds.

For matters relating to Math competitions, please refer to the Mathematics Department Portal (https://sites.google.com/a/moe.edu.sg/chsmath/)

Experiential Learning Programme

Mathematics is a science of pattern and order (National Research Council, 1989, Pg 60). Through the use of manipulative, pupils learn the skill of observing, extending patterns and forming relationships between existing and new found information. Finding and using patterns is an essential strategy for living, in mathematical thinking and in problem solving.

ELP is not assessable at Primary 3 level. As for Primary 4 and 5, it will form one of the components in the Amodes.

Internal Competitions


Mathalympics is a Mathematics competition held for the primary 1 to 3 pupils in Semester 2 to cultivate pupils’ love for logical reasoning in mathematics. The game called “Connect4” challenges pupils to form a row of the same colour while his opponents must prevent this from happening by blocking it with another colour.


Our upper Primary Mathematics competition is entitled ‘MASTERMIND’ for Primary 4 to 6 pupils. Mastermind is a classic code-breaking board game of logic and deduction involving a code maker and a code maker.

The idea of the game is for one player (the code-breaker) to guess the secret code chosen by the other player (the code-maker). The code-breaker makes a series of pattern guesses – after each guess the code-maker gives feedback, the number of pegs that are of the right color and in the correct position, and the number of pegs that are of the correct color but not in the correct position – these numbers are usually represented by small black and white pegs.

External Competitions

Math Olympiad trainings and Competitions

Training is offered to Primary 4, 5 and 6 pupils. Please refer to “Maths Olympiad” page for announcements on training. The objective is to extend pupils’ analytical skills in Mathematics and is targeted at high ability pupils who have a special talent in Mathematics.

Pupils take part in various Math Olympiad Competitions organised by different schools in Singapore.


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