Here in Catholic High School, we believe that Technology is a key enabler to enhance the way we live, work, play and in a school context, learn. Technology augments existing classroom practices to enhance learning experiences and allows us to create learning experiences previously inconceivable. Technology has changed the way our pupils learn. To engage our digital learners through learning that is relevant, active and meaningful, our teachers are actively engaged in designing authentic learning experiences and environments.

In English, Big Book Reading comes alive for the lower primary pupils with the use of Moo-O, an app that transforms learners into story characters as they master their language skills. The middle and upper primary pupils also make use of the Newsmaker app to create game and book recommendation videos.

In Chinese, teachers actively integrate 欢乐伙伴 and iMTL online resources by MOE into their classroom teaching.

In Math and Science, pupils make use of collaborative apps like Brainy Arkies, Popplet, Linoit, Google Docs, etc, to deepen their conceptual understanding. Here, the teacher’s role is facilitatory, seeking to enrich class discussions with input from the pupils.

The pervasive use of technology to engage our pupils and bring about the joy of learning also cuts across subjects like PE, Art and Music and enrichment programmes like coding.