The GEP Leadership Programme

Each year, the GEP department organises a day-camp for its pupils where the focus is on providing opportunities for pupils to demonstrate leadership and bond with their peers. This is the occasion where the Primary Sixes demonstrate how as seniors of the school, they can lead and take care of the younger ones. For the younger ones, it is a time to learn to work together with peers whom they do not know so well to tackle tasks assigned to them and overcome any obstacles along the way.

The theme for 2017 is “Refined Gentlemen of CHS”. While leadership is a constant theme of this annual affair, this year, it was hoped that through the various games and activities, pupils will learn and reflect about the different qualities of being a refined gentleman. It was certainly a timely reminder for the pupils that they are called to be leaders, gentlemen and bilingual scholars here in CHS.

3-Year Values-in-Action Programme

Here in CHS, emphasis is not solely placed on developing academic rigour. Equally important is the character development of our pupils. Built into the Citizenship and Character Education curriculum, our 3-year Values-in-Action (VIA) programme aims to provide platforms at different levels for our pupils to demonstrate their initiative and show care and concern for people in our community.

In Project Joy, our Primary 4 pupils learn that bringing joy into others’ lives can be easily done through simple acts. This year, in collaboration with SAP department, our young gentleman made lanterns and decorated the school canteen to usher in the lunar new year.

At Primary 5, the GEP pupils learn entrepreneurship skills through running Project Care, a fundraising project for the elderly at Xin Yuan Community Care. For this year, our Primary 5 pupils honed their creativity and entrepreneurial skills to create carnival style games for other pupils to play during recess.

The Primary 6 Service Learning Programme is a project in collaboration with Xin Yuan Community Care where the pupils plan meaningful activities to engage the elderly over multiple visits. At the conclusion of the programme, the pupils will organise a concert, showcasing their different talents besides their academic ones to entertain the elderly.

En Garde! – GEP Leadership Programme

On Guard! - GEP Leadership Programme

The Road Game @ GEP Leadership Programme

The Road Game @ GEP Leadership Programme

TAC Archery @ GEP Leadership Programme

TAC Archery @ GEP Leadership Programme

P5 Project care

P5 Project Care

P6 Service Learning Programme – A self Improvised Bowling Programme for the Elderly

P6 Service Learning Programme - A self-improvised bowling game for the elderly

P6 Service Learning Programme – Teaching the Elderly some Art and Craft

P6 Service Learning Programme - Teaching the elderly some Art & Craft

Learning Beyond the Classroom

At CHS, outdoor education also plays an important role for our GEP pupils. We believe that learning is not just confined to the four walls of the classroom; experiential learning goes beyond that so as to contextualise pupils’ learning back in school and to broaden their horizons. Here are some Learning Journeys that our pupils have been to.

P4 LJ at Botanical Gardens

 P4 LJ at Botanical Gardens

P6 Science LJ  to Demolab @ NUS

P6 Science LJ to DemoLab @ NUS

Briefing by the docent @National Gallery Singapore

Briefing by the docent @ National Gallery Singapore (1)

Listening Intently @P4  Science  LJ

Listening intently @ P4 Science LJ (1)

LJ to watch coraline –  A Theatre Performance

LJ to watch Coraline, a theatre performance (1)

Outdoor Education @National Gallery Singapore

Outdoor Education @ National Gallery Singapore -P5 SS LJ

Experiment Time!

Experiment Time!