CHS Character Development Programme

7 Habits of Happy Kids

In Catholic High School (Primary), we believe in nurturing our pupils holistically. Hence, we focused on developing our gentlemen through the 7 Habits of Kids by Sean Covey through our CCE lessons, FTGP lessons and daily interactions in class.

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin with the End in Mind
  3. Put First Things First
  4. Think Win Win
  5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the Saw

The pupils were taught explicitly and given opportunities to practice and reflect on the habits through their daily tasks, activities and school events.

One-Day Character Development Workshop (2019)

In CHS, every pupil that passes through our doors is called to be a leader, gentleman and bilingual scholar. Each year, the GEP department organises a 1-day workshop focusing on character growth and providing opportunities for pupils to demonstrate leadership and bond with their peers. The theme of this annual affair will revolve around one of the three aspects of the school’s vision. It is hoped that by the end of their three years, the pupils will have a better understanding of and experience what it takes to be a leader, gentleman and bilingual scholar.

This 1-day workshop is also the occasion where the Primary 6s demonstrate how as seniors of the school, they can lead and take care of the younger ones. For the younger ones, it is a time to learn to work together with peers whom they do not know so well to tackle tasks assigned to them and overcome any obstacles along the way.

3-Year Values-in-Action Programme (2019)

Built into the Citizenship and Character Education curriculum is our 3-year Values-in-Action (VIA) programme which aims to provide platforms at different levels for our pupils to demonstrate their initiative and show care and concern for people in our community.

At Primary 4, the GEP pupils are in charge of Project Joy where they aim to bring joy to others by contributing their time and effort. In the last few years, pupils have participated in projects that showed appreciation and gratitude to non-academic staff. This year, they helped to decorate the canteen with handmade lanterns during the Chinese New Year period to enhance the festive mood.

At Primary 5, the GEP pupils hone their entrepreneurship skills through running Project Care. P5 pupils raise funds through a jumble sale selling Hama Beads handicraft, recycled books and stuff toys during Catholic High School signature event – CHS Family Day. This is also encourage students to go green and give recycled items a new lease of life as part of saving the Mother Earth.

The Primary 6 Service Learning Programme is a project in collaboration with Catholic High School signature reading programme – The Bridges Reading Programme. Pupils help to promote the love for reading in the Primary 1 and Primary 2 buddies in the learning support programme, and to be good role models for the buddies to look up to.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

At CHS, outdoor education also plays an important role for our GEP pupils. We believe that learning is not just confined to the four walls of the classroom; experiential learning goes beyond that so as to contextualise pupils’ learning back in school and to broaden their horizons. Here are some Learning Journeys that our pupils have been to.

P4 LJ at Botanical Gardens

 P4 LJ at Botanical Gardens

P6 Science LJ  to Demolab @ NUS

P6 Science LJ to DemoLab @ NUS

Briefing by the docent @National Gallery Singapore

Briefing by the docent @ National Gallery Singapore (1)

Listening Intently @P4  Science  LJ

Listening intently @ P4 Science LJ (1)

LJ to watch coraline –  A Theatre Performance

LJ to watch Coraline, a theatre performance (1)

Outdoor Education @National Gallery Singapore

Outdoor Education @ National Gallery Singapore -P5 SS LJ

Experiment Time!

Experiment Time!