Vision of CHS CCA

Every Catholic High pupil will develop a sense of accomplishment and enhance his self-confidence by using his talents and skills to prepare him for the challenges presented ahead.

Objectives of CCA

  •   Develop individual potential in sports and performing arts
  •   Instill a life-long passion for the activity
  •   Inculcate leadership qualities and sportsmanship
  •   Build a robust character with a sound body and disciplined mind
  •   Nurture the gentleman in the child

REACH CCA Framework

In Catholic High School, CCA is regarded as a vital part of education and school life. Through active participation in CCA, we hope that every pupil will develop a sense of accomplishment and enhance his self-confidence by using his talents so as to prepare him for the challenges ahead.

Our CCA programme places great importance in fostering camaraderie, developing individual potential in sports and performing arts, instilling a life-long passion for the activity, inculcating leadership qualities, sportsmanship, building a robust character with a sound body and a disciplined mind and nurturing the gentleman in the child. Catholic High CCA programme works on the guiding principles of REsponsibility, Achievement, Caring and Honesty (REACH).


All Primary One to Six pupils are strongly encouraged to participate in one CCA. Based on talent identification screening, pupils are selected to join Sports or Performing Arts CCAs to further enhance their talents so as to enable them to maximise their potential, thus leading them to excel in the area of his interest.



tructured and Organised Ability Recognition)

SOAR is a talent identification programme in Catholic High School. The objective of this programme is to identify potential talents of pupils as early as Primary One in the arena of aesthetics and sports so as to nurture and groom them towards excellence in their areas of interests.


This programme is implemented in 2010 and it is integrated into the PE lessons. The Primary One pupils have to go through a series of programmes taught by the various CCA instructors and coaches. A 6-week dance enrichment programme will be conducted for the Primary One pupils to develop their loco-motor skills through a sequence of dance steps and to cultivate an interest for the Hip Hop Modern Dance.


The CCA department collaborates with the SAP department by introducing a 6-week Chinese Orchestra programme to the Primary Two pupils. Through this programme the pupils will be exposed to the skills of playing simple musical instruments by our in-house instructors. Another SAP collaboration is the introduction of Wushu programme to the Primary One pupils. The pupils will be taught basic routines of Wushu steps and Chinese culture. This programme also allows the school to identify talented pupils for the CCA.

Aesthetics (String Ensemble, Choir, Concert Band and Chinese Orchestra) and Sports (Table Tennis) screening sessions are conducted for the Primary One to Four pupils during the Orientation days so as to ensure that the school is able to identify talented pupils to join the CCA. In addition, the Primary One pupils will be taught the necessary manipulative and fundamental skills during their PE lessons and will be screened by their Physical Education teachers to join Basketball and Softball CCA. The school also rides on the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) to expose pupils to acquire the basic volleyball skills for the Primary One and Two pupils over the period of 6 weeks and to be selected for the Volleyball CCA.

Armed with all these meaningful and enriching programmes that are incorporated into curriculum time have enabled the school to screen and identify the pupils more accurately and to invite them to join the appropriate CCAs to further enhance their capabilities and maximise their potential.

 CCA Values In Action (VIA)

CCA VIA are learning experience that support pupils’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. In addition, CCA VIA also aims to nurture pupils into active contributors and concerned citizens. Upon completion of the VIA activity, pupils will undergo reflection process with their teachers. This will in turn help the pupils critically assess and understand what they see and do.

Providing service to others by members is one of the main focuses in CHS CCAs. By ensuring that each CCA organises VIA activity will definitely instil members with care and compassion for the less fortunate and the environment. The CCA members will be imbued with a sense of responsibility in enhancing the well-being of the community and the country.

Enrichment and Lifeskills

The Enrichment and Lifeskills(ENL)Programme focuses on providing breadth and overall balance to the pupil’s co-curricular experience. The ENL Programme enhances pupils’ learning experiences and supports their holistic development. For pupils to experience breadth of learning, they will be exposed to a series of programmes through three domains, namely citizenship, self-management and social skills, physical activities and sports.

  Self-management and social skills

Pupils will be able to develop skills that enable them to be able to manage their emotions and be an effective team player. Learning to communicate effectively and possessing well-develop skills also prepare pupils to be receptive to ideas, feelings and experiences. With that in mind, the pupils will go for stress management talks or communication skills workshops.

Physical activities and sports

The school organises sports and aesthetics CCA games day for the members yearly. This allows them to come together as a CCA to compete against another CCA in various sports. Through participation in such activities, pupils develop character traits such as resilience, as well as increase perceived competence. This is a also a platform to build team bonding and camaraderie among the CCA members.

List of CCAs offered in CHS(Primary)

Sports Aesthetics Uniformed Group
Basketball Band Cub Scouts
Softball Chinese Orchestra
SPHERE(modular sports) Choir
Table Tennis Modern Dance
Volleyball String Ensemble


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