OUR B.I.G. NEWS Issue 2020 Semester 2

P3 GEP Parents’ Briefing

Dear P3 GEP parents

Please find more information about CHS 3 years Gifted Education Programme. We look forward to see you for the Zoom session on 12-Nov.

CHS GEP Department

Act of Kindness within the Catholic High Family

OUR B.I.G. NEWS Issue 2019 Semester 2

P6 Graduation Ceremony

Friday, 15 November 2019, was our P6 Graduation Day. In the presence of esteemed guests and family, our P6 CHS gentlemen celebrated their achievements and completion of primary school education in Catholic High School (Primary).

Our Principal, Ms Soh Lai Leng Magdalen, marked the beginning of the ceremony with a meaningful and inspiring message and shared her nuggets of wisdom with the graduands on how to navigate the world with the values they have learnt in CHS. It was not just a proud day of celebration for our graduands, their family and friends but also one for them to reminisce the memorable times they have spent in CHS through the video montage put together by their teachers.

Our P6 graduands received their graduation certificates and various awards from their form teachers who have accompanied them in this critical year. The event wrapped up with our graduands proudly presenting the song, “We Are The Young”, as the Graduating Class of 2019.

We wish our graduands success in the next phase of their educational journey. May they always dream bigger and be the salt and light of the world.



Prize-Giving Ceremony 2019

This year’s Prize-Giving Ceremony was held on 15 November with the theme, “Let the Journey Continue”. This momentous occasion not only celebrated the outstanding achievements of our gentlemen in their academic and sports excellence, but also affirmed the good behaviour and character of our pupils. Through this continuous journey, our pupils embody the school vision passionately and display the qualities of being a leader, gentleman & bilingual scholar in all areas of learning.

Our Masters of ceremony, Ryan Koh and Matthew Chia, led the event confidently as they took the audience through the ceremony effortlessly by sharing their experiences and learning points as Catholic High gentlemen. Our prize winners beamed with pride as they went on stage to receive their prizes from our distinguished Guest of Honour, PSG Chairperson, Mrs Cheryl Lee Cheang. We were also honoured to have our CHS Concert Band and Edward Becharas Choir joining us in the celebration as they swept the audience off their feet with their spectacular performances.

The ceremony came to a close with another touching action where appreciation cards written by our prize winners were presented to their parents to thank them for the care, encouragement and support that they have given our gentlemen. The day, indeed, left an everlasting impression on people’s minds.



Primary 1 Orientation

On 13 November, the school opened our door to welcome our new 2020 cohort of pupils and their parents to our P1 Orientation. It not only marks the beginning of their primary education but also a journey with us as part of the CHS family.

The P1 pupils had their orientation tour of the school compound while the parents were engaged with an online game to learn more about the school. There was also a remarkable performance by our Chinese Orchestra pupils. The day ended fruitfully with pupils making new friends and parents going home with bags of uniforms and textbooks.

We look forward to starting the journey with our P1 pupils, touching their lives and transforming them to leaders, gentlemen and bilingual scholars.



Peer Support Leaders Training Programme

Since 2018, some of our Primary 3 gentlemen, who have displayed a natural disposition and interest in rendering social and emotional support to their peers, were nominated by their Form Teachers to take up the role of Peer Support Leaders. They received specialised coaching from the School Counsellor in identifying and approaching peers in distress, attending skills and referring the peers to teachers for further help. The Peer Support Leaders also met up monthly with the School Counsellor to learn specific peer helping skills and discuss some of their challenges in offering support. In the process, they provided support to one another and bonded stronger as a team.

In August 2019, our Primary 4 Peer Support Leaders attended Cyber Wellness Leaders’ Development Programme over 3 days to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their peers in cyber issues. In overall, it was heartening to see the leaders enjoy the process of designing their own games to create awareness of Cyber Wellness among our gentlemen.

In November 2019, the Primary 3 and 4 Peer Support Leaders convened for a combined session for the big group to mingle and network with one another. During the session, they took part in ice-breaker activities and shared their experiences in peer helping and peer influencing efforts in school. It was heartening to hear from their stories that they prided themselves in supporting their peers and they were keen to learn more to become better Peer Support Leaders.



Updates on Catholic Matters

In the second half of the year, we continue to instill the values of love, faith and hope in our community of Catholic, Christian and those who hold the same universal beliefs.

Catholic Education Sunday, was commemorated throughout Singapore. On September 15 our primary school boys and parents, together with the school staff, participated at the Mass in our nearest parish in Ang Mo Kio. Our boys co-served as lectors and wardens. Brian Raditya Andradi, our P6 gentleman, also shared his experience with the parishioners on how the school contributed to the deepening of his faith.

Father Henry Siew, our SMC chairman conducted the annual PSLE Thanksgiving Mass for the Primary 6 pupils. Parents attended the 4 days prayer service organized by the Catholic Parents prayer group. The prayer service was commenced with a Thanksgiving mass celebrated by Father Joe Lopez and over the next 4 days of exams, daily rounds of prayers were made by our faithful parents throughout the exam timings, to pray for blessings over all the P6 gentlemen.

Father Edward Seah also led 30 over boys in the adoration of the Eucharist, to grow their spirituality and love for Jesus Christ. His light-hearted homily taught the boys the wisdom of differentiating between needs and wants.
This year’s Parent – Child Relationship Building workshop drew 100 over participants. We were blessed to have the Novena Church Redemptorist Mission team, comprising of Father Terence Wee and Fr Simon Pereira. They shared the principles of parenting right with connection and influence. The children also had a fruitful time learning about their unique selves. Our Parent-Child Relationship Building workshop also drew 100 over participants. We were blessed to have the Novena Church Redemptorist Mission team, comprising Father Terence Wee and Fr Simon Pereira. They shared the principles of parenting right with connection and influence. The children also had a fruitful time learning about their unique selves.


Bilingual Scholar

Chinese Language 华文
Special Assistance Plan (SAP) 特选学校旗舰课程

SAP40 and Mother Tongue Week / 母语周兼特选40活动










Bilingual Scholar

Chinese Language 华文
Special Assistance Plan (SAP) 特选学校旗舰课程

3rd CHS Inter-Primary Chinese Chess Competition 2019

● 初小组成绩(由小四或更低年级的学生组成):
● 通校组成绩(所有年级):

Bertram Chiew Geng Heng 蒋庚恒 公教中学附小 亚军
Brian Chiew Geng Cheng 蒋庚澄 公教中学附小 亚军
Manfred Wong 黄铭峰 公教中学附小 亚军
Wu Yutong 吴昱彤 公教中学附小 冠军
Chia Shao Jie 谢邵捷 公教中学附小 冠军
Lee Kim Chuan 李骐全 公教中学附小 冠军



Bilingual Scholar

Chinese Language 华文
Special Assistance Plan (SAP) 特选学校旗舰课程

16th Char Yong Cup Xiangqi Competition 2019 / 第十六届茶阳杯全国小学象棋校际赛


我校成绩不俗。陈永康(5仁爱)、吕元杰(5仁爱)、陶冠乐(5温和)和陈凯哲(5坚忍)获得公开组优胜奖;李骐全(3温和)、詹汶晟(3良善)、谢邵捷(3良善)和黄铭峰(3良善)获得初小组第五名;蒋庚澄 (4平安)、蒋庚恒(3良善)和吴昱彤(3平安)获得了初小组亚军。



Bilingual Scholar

Chinese Language 华文
Special Assistance Plan (SAP) 特选学校旗舰课程

P3 Cultural Camp—Weiqi / 小三围棋文化营





Bilingual Scholar

Chinese Language 华文
Special Assistance Plan (SAP) 特选学校旗舰课程

Mid-Autumn Celebration and Chinese Calligraphy Competition/






9月17日下午,小学礼堂翰墨飘香,约100名学生怀着对书法艺术的热忱,挥毫互比高下。恰逢中秋时节,此届主题为“花好月圆庆中秋 ,挥毫泼墨迎佳节”。





Bilingual Scholar


Lower Primary Mathalympic

Our annual Lower Primary Mathalympics held on the 5th of August had an overwhelming response from our Primary 1 to Primary 3 pupils. It is an engaging and fun competition whereby the lower primary pupils get to pit their wits against their schoolmates in a game of Connect 4.

In order to win the game, the pupils are required to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of 4. Every year, the response from the participants is positive as they enjoy the game which allows them to test their analytical skills.


Bilingual Scholar



During the mid-year holidays, our Primary 6 gentlemen went through an enrichment programme on Energy and Forces. The programme aimed to engage pupils in scientific inquiry that will help them to develop the habits, attitudes and dispositions scientists possess as well as to gain 21st century competencies such as critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills.
It was a 2-hour long lesson which provided pupils with hands-on experiments and engaging activities. Pupils explored and applied concepts of forces and energy conversion as they created a simple rolling toy with the materials provided. They then explained their evolution of understanding, design and ultimate solution. At the end of the lesson, the pupils took home their self-made toy – the Rolling Creature.

P4 Scientists @ Work

The Primary 4 pupils attended an engaging lesson on Light and Shadows during the Science Week in Term 1. During the lesson, pupils were introduced to the basics of how shadows are formed and explored the factors that affect shadow formation. At the same time, they had the opportunity to assemble and take home their very own viewers using simple materials.

It was indeed an enriching learning experience for our young gentlemen where their curiosity was stimulated through this experiential learning.


Bilingual Scholar


Primary 2 An Afternoon at the Theatre

An Afternoon at the Theatre was held on 16 August, in the school hall, from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. The theme, ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, created an opportunity for our P2 gentlemen to gain a deeper appreciation of the Earth’s animals and the environment they live in. Speech & Drama skills empower children to be lifelong learners and effective communicators, where they, in turn will have a positive impact on their community. Our young gentlemen not only developed their language skills but also discovered the power of imagination as the stories came to life on stage, allowing them to see the world with insight, humour and compassion. They performed in front of a live audience, where their magical performance gave life to the fantasy world that they had created for themselves through the exciting stories.


Parent Support Group (PSG)

What a whirlwind productive year it has been! Starting with welcoming enthusiastic P1 parents, to celebrating Chinese New Year in style, to a record-breaking Family Day fundraiser and finally, to saying “All the best, see you soon!” to our P6 gentlemen, Ms Soh and Mr Chan. As they say, all good things must come to an end and we’ve certainly enjoyed ourselves volunteering and supporting the school in 2019. A big thank you to the school leaders, teachers and administrative staff— it has been a privilege to work with all of you; and the boys, who have made our volunteering mutually gratifying.

We have been so fortunate to have many willing, supportive, talented and diverse parents who continually want the best for our gentlemen. And we look forward to welcoming parent volunteers — new and repeat — as we all play an important part in supporting our boys’ holistic education.

Happy holidays to you and your family, see you in 2020!


Dads @ CHS

This year, we had new activities as well as the old favourites for fathers and sons to bond. Here’s a look at our fulfilling year:

1. Community Service. To nurture our young to be useful contributing members of society, we had two community engagements: (1) helping to bring parents and sons together in the school’s newspaper collection to raise funds for the CNY lunch for old folks (2) our traditional Meals with Love activity in collaboration with Touch Community Services to bring hot meals to the frail elderly.

2. Talks. Our April workshop on Managing and Understanding Teens with psychologist speaker, Mr Nicholas, was well-received. We also joined the school to share with our Sec 2 gentlemen on the possible dangers of mobile usage and the need to be responsible mobile users.

3. New activities. Kayak with Dad @Ubin in April was our first water activity. Learning to work together, our participants explored the mangrove swamp and learned more about Nature. Golfing with Dad@CHS was a hit, as dads and sons learned golfing skills. Our inaugural Dads@CHS Father-Son Rollerblading event saw our participants learn how to rollerblade.

4. Dads@CHS Signature events. Our annual Ocean Dreams and Moontent saw dads and sons spend meaningful time bonding together.  ‘Movie under the Stars’ brought the whole family to join in an evening of movie entertainment. Dads@CHS and PSG collaborated together for this event for the second year running.

5. Family Day Activities. This year, we had two activities – Soccer Mania and All-Star Shoot-out. It was heartwarming to see our dads and sons play together. We have no doubt these will become fond memories and help build stronger father-son bonding.

Thank you for your support, everyone! See you in 2020!


Orientation Briefing Slides 2020

P1 Orientation 2018 (for P1 Pupils 2019) Briefing Slides

P1 Orientation 2018 (for P1 Pupils 2019) Briefing Slides, Download