Our Crest, Our Flag

Catholic High School – School Crest

CHS Crest 2018 (web)

Blue Colour symbolizes the infinite and boundless universe in which Man is free to think and choose how best to spend his time to develop his character as an individual who does not wall man off from his community, and simultaneously does not suffocate his own individuality. His own entity in humanity is a lesson of good faith guided by trust in God.


The Cross represents Jesus Christ who suffered and died for the salvation of all mankind. It is a reminder that we must shoulder our responsibilities to society and to ourselves patiently. To this end, we shall reap the fruits of the labour of love such as peace, joy, forbearance, temperance and brotherly kindness.


The Light signifies that Jesus Christ is the light of the universe. The light of Christ shines far and wide so that we may behold His manifestations. It also illuminates for us the correct and righteous path so that we may walk boldly and wisely if we trust and love Him.


Catholic High School – School Flag

CHS Flag 2018 (web)

The white colour symbolizes purity, integrity and flawlessness of character; the yellow colour represents the vastness of the Pontiff that reaches out and the Church that promulgates; the cross in the school crest represents Jesus Christ who suffered and died for the salvation of mankind.