Overview and Purpose

National Education (NE) is a significant aspect of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), comprises a wide range of school efforts that help pupils experience and explore their national identity as Singaporeans, understand the realities and challenges unique to our nation, and foster a sense of hope and belonging to Singapore.  A strong sense of belonging, reality, and hope motivates our pupils to be active citizens.  While they seek to achieve their personal life goals, they also see themselves as playing a contributory role in their immediate communities and in the nation.

Approach and Leaning Experience

At Catholic High School (CHS), we hope to deliver National Education using the 3As approach, to strengthen our pupils’ citizenship dispositions below and inspire them to take collective ownership of our future as a nation.

National Education is delivered across various learning platforms such as Learning Journeys, NE Commemorative Events and Social Studies lessons.

  1. Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys are planned and designed to allow our pupils to enrich and extend learning beyond the classroom.  Through our learning journeys, we aim to not only strengthen our pupils’ citizenship dispositions, deepen their knowledge in the history and development of Singapore but also enrich their cultural experiences through drama performances and museum learning journeys.

  • NE Commemorative Events

Through NE Commemorative Events (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day), pupils learn important lessons from Singapore’s history, and reflect on how they can apply their learning to contribute as active citizens.

Total Defence Day (TDD)

The Total Defence Campaign profiles Total Defence in action, and encourages pupils to play a greater role in Total Defence by showing them how they can contribute in small and big ways.  Ultimately, we hope that Total Defence can help to rally and mobilise our pupil to prepare for future threats and challenges, and be resilient enough to recover quickly when crises strikes.

International Friendship Day (IFD)

IFD is commemorated for our pupils to reflect on the importance to Singapore of:

  • An active foreign policy to maintain our international space.
  • Openness to the international flow of trade, ideas and talent.
  • Cross-cultural skills and a global orientation.
  • Mutual respect and understanding to maintain social cohesion in our multi-cultural society.

To commemorate IFD, our pupils are engaged in a series of meaningful activities, such as Walk Gallery and booth activities during Social Studies lessons and assembly programme which includes sharing, interactive skit and quizzes.  These activities aim to enlighten our gentlemen on the rich diversity of cultures and help them understand the importance of forging good relations with other countries in the global community thus promoting unity within diversity.

Racial Harmony Day (RHD)

RHD is commemorated for our pupils to celebrate Singapore as a harmonious society built on a rich diversity of cultures, requiring collaborative efforts from all to promote social cohesion and harmony.

Using the 3As approach, our pupils are given the opportunity to learn more about the diverse cultures and multicultural communities in Singapore through lessons and assembly programme.  They are also encouraged to apply what they have learnt, e.g. to greet and thank school aunties and uncles for their service using their ethnic language.  Pupil ambassadors are also encouraged to influence their peers and play a part to protect the common space, strengthen trust and friendships amongst the communities.

National Day

National Day is commemorated for pupils to reflect on the historical importance and solemnity of National Day.

At CHS, we commemorate National Day as a full school, delivering a series of meaningful activities to celebrate our spirit of togetherness and hope.  These include parade and march-past, interactive quizzes, singing of National Day songs and producing our very own music videos.  In addition, to celebrate and promote gratitude and kindness, we put in place the “Will to Give” programme, to thank frontliners for their service during the COVID-19 pandemic with tokens and written cards or provide support for needy families by presenting them with CHS goodie bags put together by pupils.

  • Social Studies

In line with the Singapore Social Studies Curriculum, social studies lessons are planned to prepare our pupils to be citizens of tomorrow by helping them to understand the interconnectedness of Singapore and the world they live in.  Active sharing and discussions during lessons provide a safe platform for pupils to share and address different perspectives.  Performance tasks designed for the different levels allow our pupils the opportunity to express their ideas through various ways.