Joint Integrated Programme (JIP)

Our IP is a joint programme offered together with Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (CHIJ SNGS). The 6-year IP leverages the strengths of the three schools and provide the best of our students with a broad-based curriculum that is both rigorous and enriching beyond just academic content. The signature programmes of the JIP are the Passion Pursuit (Independent) and World Readiness Programme.

The IP students from CHS, CHIJ SNGS and SCGS will spend their first four years in their respective secondary schools before progressing to Eunoia JC for two years of A-Level. IP students will proceed to Eunoia JC without taking the O-Levels, so that they can use the time to engage in broader learning experiences.

JIP Partner Schools


Our JIP Unified Approach (see diagram below)

The diagram summarises the JIP approach for developing and nurturing our students, through the three main blocks of (1) Cognitive development, (2) Character development and (3) Leadership development. The outer portion of the diagram shows the desired outcomes, in terms of the knowledge, skills and attitudes, that are embodied by our graduates.

JIP Unified Curriculum Approach

Our JIP Unified Curriculum (see diagram below)

  • The Joint Integrated Programme curriculum offers an enriched, authentic and extensive six-year experience for JIP students. It not only identifies a common core that is offered to all our JIP students but provides expanded opportunities for student interaction and learning, made possible by the creation of common spaces that honour the uniqueness in each school and enable the three secondary schools, together with Eunoia Junior College, to engage our students in our JIP Curriculum.
  • Students in the Joint Integrated Programme can expect to immerse themselves in an enriched, extensive and authentic six-year learning experience that enables them to explore
    and further develop their personal strengths, passions and talents. Apart from the Core Curriculum, the JIP has two signature programmes: (1) World Readiness Programme, and (2) Passion Pursuit.
  • Developed collaboratively by the three partner schools, the Year 1 to 4 academic programme is aligned with the three disciplines of Languages, Humanities and the Arts, and Mathematics and Sciences. This is to ensure a strong grounding in the content, skills, and rigour required to excel in the core subject disciplines offered within the same disciplinary clusters at JC1 and JC2.
  • A deep understanding of subject matter is emphasised to support further intellectual pursuits, enabling students to transform factual information into new and “useable” knowledge. Hence, all Year 1 and 2 students offer a general curriculum that enables them to explore various disciplinary fields and make an informed choice regarding the subject options to be offered at Years 3 and 4, and subsequently at JC1 and JC2, including the MOE Special Programmes offered by EJC.

JIP Unified Curriculum Approach 02

Our Flagship JIP World Readiness Programme (see diagram below)

  • From Years 1 to 4, modules offered under Philosophy of Knowledge and Emerging Asia, some in Chinese Language, ride on the existing strengths of our schools in nurturing bilingual and bicultural students. They also develop our JIP students to be well-versed in eastern and western perspectives on knowledge, reason and values. In turn, the Current Affairs modules are designed to promote an understanding of global issues and megatrends.
  • From Years 1 to 4, the knowledge that our JIP students acquire in WRP will provide them
    with the foundational knowledge and skills that
    will put them in good stead for specific subjects and special programmes offered at Eunoia Junior College.


Our Flagship JIP Passion Pursuit Programme (see diagram below)

  • Guided by the firm belief that joy for learning is key to supporting future learning, our Passion Pursuit (PP) programme offers customised opportunities for JIP students to pursue their learning at an extended or deeper level in both the academic and non-academic domains in their six years with the JIP.
  • Passion Pursuit provides avenues for high academic achievement, intellectual discovery, leadership excellence and extra-curricular exploration essential to lifelong learning through an enriching journey of Diverge, Converge and Emerge. Students get to explore a broad spectrum of interest areas under the Diverge strand, understand what passion really means through the Converge strand and eventually actualise it as part of purposeful living in the Emerge strand.
  • Across the three strands, Passion Pursuit is implemented through Platforms for Exploration and Platforms for Pursuit, and is enriched by the strong partnership among the partner schools and our networks of alumni and community partners.


Eunoia Junior College – Bishan Campus

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Eunoia Junior College will move into its permanent Bishan site at the end of 2019, ready for the commencement of the school term in 2020. The Bishan campus is situated at the junction of Sin Ming Avenue and Marymount Road, overlooking Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and both Bishan and Ang Mo Kio estates.


Eunoia Junior College will be the first high-rise junior college in Singapore, with two academic blocks 10 and 12 storeys high respectively. A library with splendid panoramic view towards Bishan Park sits at the top two floors of the 10-storey block, allowing all to be inspired by the green serenity of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. A 900-seater theatre will be equipped for performances, seminars and cohort-based lectures, on top of a range of seminar rooms, learning rooms, science laboratories and other special programme rooms.

The college will also be the first school in Singapore with an elevated track and field stadium as part of its infrastructure. A full 8-lane track, field, space for sports and games, and a viewing gallery will be located at the top of the structure adjacent to Marymount Road. The field shelters various student interaction areas from the sun and rain, including music rooms, CCA rooms, a dance studio, a multi-purpose hall, a 900 pax auditorium and various arcades for mass activities.

Learning Experience

With Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park next door, the campus will be the foundation of our vision — the holistic development of every Eunoian to become a Youth with Purpose, Thinker with Heart, Leader with Courage. The abundance of nature is a reminder of Eunoians’ larger responsibility as individuals and leaders, and would greatly enhance the college’s Environmental Literacy Programme, Physical Education and Co-Curricular Activities programme.

Service to the community forms an important part of the Eunoia identity. Our students will enjoy many opportunities to connect with the residents of Bishan and Ang Mo Kio through community mapping and service learning programmes. The proximity of Bishan North Community Centre to the college will allow the college to weave community service seamlessly into our curriculum, as our Eunoians make a positive impact on the community.

EJC Bishan Campus

Above: Artist’s impression of Eunoia Junior College’s permanent Bishan site at the end of 2019

EJC Bishan 1 - resized

Above: Eunoia Junior College will move into its permanent Bishan site at the end of 2019