Humanities Talent Development Programme

The Humanities Talent Development Programme seeks to maximise the learning experiences of students through experiential learning and infusing critical thinking skills via an enriched curriculum. This is achieved by providing them with a very R.E.A.L. humanities experience centered on being Relevant, Experiential, Authentic and for Life-long Learning. This programme focuses on the disciplines of Economics, Geography, History and Literature.

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Above (left to right): Students visiting UK on immersion trip; Minister Josephine Teo speaking at our signature Singapore Seminar; students learning diplomacy through board gaming


This programme aims to:

  1. Imbue a sense of fun into the study of the Humanities;
  2. Develop potential humanities scholars for the prestigious Humanities Scholarship Programme (HSP) at the Junior College level; and,
  3. Promote interest in regional studies.

Key Features

Students selected for this programme can expect to participate in the following:

  1. Seminar Series
  • Guest speakers will be invited to dialogue with students, in a friendly and discussion-driven setting. In 2016, invited experts included hedge fund managers and world-renowned Humanities professors, to name a few.
  1. Societal Research
  • As societal researchers, students will investigate pressing societal questions in Singapore, collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data to answer these questions. Platforms for this will include participating in the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme organised by Gifted Education Branch, MOE or via our in-house research programmes.
  1. Learning Journeys
  • The local and overseas Learning Journeys aim to provide students with authentic experiential learning outside the classroom, during which students will be able to immerse themselves in what Humanities-related knowledge and methods look like in the real world. Our students have travelled to the US and UK to learn more about politics and economy of the western world
  1. Competitions and Events
  • This provides opportunities to promote friendly competition and fun, as well as avenues for the students to apply and demonstrate their knowledge and thinking skills.


Students can expect to enjoy the following:

  • Membership in a community of motivated and like-minded peers.
  • Learning experiences that are in-depth and inter-disciplinary in nature.
  • Opportunities to participate in seminar and small group sessions conducted with experts from both the public and private sector, and Humanities teachers
  • Priority selection for Humanities-based domestic and overseas learning journeys; and
  • Full subsidisation for all local learning journeys, seminars, and in-school sessions.

Duration of Programme

  • 1 year (Year 3/Sec 3), with possibility for renewal for Year 4/Sec 4