Overview and Purpose

Catholic High school (Primary) has been participating in Friend of Singa (FOS) programme since 2010, hoping to encourage our pupils to make a real commitment to gracious living through simple acts of kindness in daily activities. 

In 2020, our school received recognition of 10 years of sustained participation in the FOS and our project in 2020 was also selected as “Heartfelt Appreciation Initiative” by the organising committee. 

Approach and Experience

Before 2021, FOS aimed to empower pupils to lead their schools in a 5-month kindness campaign where they were tasked to identify issues and implement solutions to promote kindness within their school and community.  It was intended that at the end of the campaign, participants would recognise the importance of their role in making a difference.

Building on the notion of collective kindness, the theme for FOS 2020 at Catholic High school (Primary) was “Kindness means using positive words”.  Our team of dedicated Primary 5 Kindness Ambassadors hoped to use positive words to uplift the spirit in the pupils through their daily interactions with each other.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Kindness Ambassadors took the approach of using virtual platforms in 2020 to reach out to their peers to strengthen the message of using kind and positive words.  Our pre and post surveys were done through online platforms during HBL period and following the pre-survey, lesson packages were prepared for all classes to reiterate the message of using basic courteous words and positive words to encourage peers and show appreciation to teachers, peers and non-teaching staff.  All these were done in hope to create a gracious school culture.

Primary 5 Kindness Ambassadors 2020.

Remodelled Friend of Singa (FOS) Programme in 2021

Since 2021, FOS is remodelled into a termly programme for kindness to be an inclusive movement for all, thus, giving all pupils an opportunity to be a FOS! 

To be FOS, pupils must complete the selected FOS activities found in their Kindsville Times newsletters on a termly basis.  A token will be given to pupils who have completed their termly mission and a FOS badge will be given to pupils who have completed 3 missions by the end of the year.   

Friends Of Singa - Primary School
Our Kindness Mailbox is placed at our CCE corner, next to the library.