English Talent Development Programme

English Talent Development Programme (ELTDP) is guided by Catholic High’s desire to develop students who are moving from novice to expert in their discipline/domain of interest, with a view towards preparing exceptionally talented students for more advanced disciplinary work after secondary education.

Programme Features

Genre 1: Creative writing through prose and poetry

  • As visionaries, innovators and pioneers, students’ creative vision and writing abilities will be stimulated and developed through a balanced programme of mentorship, reading, analysis and writing workshops. Students will also engage in discussions about writing techniques in terms of writer’s craft and will undertake an exploration of the wider issues related to the practice of writing.

Genre 2: Journalistic writing

  • Good journalistic writing requires competent writing which has always been associated with the command of correct language and style. Students will critically read the craft of other journalists and engage in the formation of their own original journalistic pieces to discover and develop their own writing styles. Thus, they will be facilitated to develop a writing voice that is an involuntary and intimate expression of their personality and vision.

Genre 3: Script-writing / Play-writing

  • Students will learn the basics of script-writing, working on key elements such as plot, characterisation, dialogue, conflict, setting and dramatic tension. Reference will be made to published writing from a variety of genres, with ample mentorship for budding dramatists. This gives them a chance to create scripts for their peers, reflecting issues relevant to their times

Genre 4: Public Speaking and Debate            

  • Strong oratory skills are paramount in making a significant impact in the society and country at large. In this programme, students will be able to hone their oratorical skills through vast exposure to real-life contexts and meaningful platforms. With guided weekly coaching and mentoring, students are developed to be confident and articulate speakers, with a keen ability to think quickly and sharply on their feet.

Above: Our gentlemen compete in many English language and literary arts competitions such as Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships