Welcoming Home for Gentlemen, Leaders and Bilingual Scholars

  • As a full-school, we have a wide range of facilities to support our students’ learning and growth.
  • We have a full-size 400-metre six-lane running track, a Clock Tower with chapel, an Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre with obstacle course for running our sports and rugged outdoor programmes, and two sets of most facilities (e.g. 2 Multi-purpose Halls, 2 Indoor Sports Halls, 2 rock climbing walls, and even 2 canteens to support the primary and secondary sections). These facilities are shared by the sections, giving us the flexibility and space to offer a greater spread of opportunities for our students.
  • To meet the growing needs of our Primary pupils and both the O-Level Programme and the Integrated Programme, CHS embarked on several infrastructure projects in the last few years to enhance our teaching and learning facilities. A new classroom block, with performing arts and sports facilities and a second rock climbing wall, was completed in 2016. Our secondary section Media Resource Library was renovated to provide staff and students with a 21st century model of functional learning space.

Bird’s Eye View of CHS

CHS School Gate



Our Signature Clock Tower, Chapel and Beautiful School Ground

  • Our signature Clock Tower is representative of our school’s spiritual origin and mission school identity, as it reminds us daily of our purpose in proving quality education for the masses, regardless of their social background and religious affiliation. The Clock Tower houses our Chapel as well.
  • Our school ground is beautifully landscaped with many trees and shrubs, ponds and and sculptures to provide serene and tranquil places for students to study, rest or just socialise with friends. Many of these sculptures depict aspiring sportsmen and students, and provide inspiration and motivation for our our students too.

CHS Clock Tower

CHS Chapel

CHS Ponds

CHS Sculptures

Plaza 广场

  • The Plaza is where our secondary section students gather daily for their morning assembly at 7.40am. Apart from the singing of the National Anthem and taking of the National Pledge, the assembly includes sharing on values by our school chaplain and teachers, prize presentation to recognise the achievements of our students, and also other ceremonies such as the celebration of Racial Harmony Day and National Cadet Corps Day parade.
  • In addition, students will also have Breakfast Sessions, during which students meet their Form Teachers in small groups to talk about their school life and welfare.
  • The Plaza is also one of the venues where we hold our annual Family Day and Homecoming event.

CHS Plaza

CHS Plaza 01

Multi-purpose Halls 多用途礼堂

  • As a full-school, CHS has two multi-purpose halls: one for the primary section and another for the secondary section. The two sections also share these halls, allowing for flexibility of use, e.g. our secondary section Open House uses both halls for different activities.


Chinese Cultural Corridor 中华文化走廊

  • Our ‘Chinese Cultural Corridor’ showcases some of the rich and diverse history of China, one of the world’s four ancient civilizations.
  • The Chinese Cultural Corridor also helps to promote the learning of Chinese language and culture, and reminds our students of their evolving identity as a bilingual scholar. The wall murals along this corridor depict the almost 5000 years of history from possibly the first dynasty of China, the Xia dynasty to the final Qing dynasty. The various artefact and art work replicas displayed in these cabinets highlight some of the accomplishments in art and culture during ancient China, and these historical items enhance our understanding of life during that period of time.
  • The various Confucian quotes on the curved pillars aim to further reinforce moral values and Eastern wisdom in our students. The parapet along the traditional long corridors (长廊) are designed to mirror those at our former school compound at Queen Street, serving to remind present and past students the binding history and deep heritage of our school.
  • You can even find full-sized replicas of the Terracotta Army (兵马俑) around our school, showing the sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. These gives insights to our students on the imperial funerary art in China from 210–209 BCE and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife.




Study Area and Bonsai Garden 盆栽园与公教牌匾

  • The Bonsai Garden is situated in between the classrooms block and the staff room.
    The words on the Level 3 roof “培养双语精英的摇篮” means “The place where we groom bilingual scholars and leaders”.
  • The traditional plaque (seen also at our former school compound in Queen Street) reads “Sino-English Catholic School”, and this was our original school name that gave hint to our origin as a bilingual education institution.
  • As one of the 11 Special Assistance Plan (SAP) schools in Singapore, Catholic High School aims to nurture students to be proficient in both English Language and Chinese Language, and to have a good understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture. One of our SAP signature programme is the Appreciation of Chinese Culture (ACC) module, which is a module taken by Level 1s and 2s, to expose them to Chinese culture such as Chinese calligraphy, chess, philosophy and history.



Media Resource Library and Multi-purpose Room 图书楼与多用途工作室

  • Our Media Resource Library, which was renovated recently, is a favourite place among students, housing a wide collection of books and multimedia resources. It is designed for not just reading, but also for seminars and group works.
  • Our school encourages students to read widely, and we also have our weekly Morning Reading Programme. Students will read materials specially prepared by the teachers across all departments, with wide-ranging topics covering the arts to economics, from technology to politics.
  • The library block also consists of other rooms such as our Multi-purpose Room and Teachers’ Resource Room that provides more learning and collaboration space for staff and students.

CHS Library


Bamboo Garden and Lotus Pond 竹林与莲花池

  • Our school is dotted with many areas of greenery and landscaping that serve to remind our students of the values that we would like them to imbibe and uphold.
  • Located outside our music room is the Lotus Pond, where a saying in Chinese, “出污泥而不染”, is carved on a pillar. This phrase suggests that people, like lotus flower growing from mud, can learn to emerge from corrupting environment without being tainted. This is a metaphor, reminding all Catholic High students to uphold the highest level of moral integrity regardless of where they may be.
  • In our Bamboo Garden on level 1, the bamboos stand unwavering in the open environment, signifying tenacity and an indomitable spirit. The uprightness of the bamboo serves as a reminder for our students to possess moral integrity and courage. These bamboos are also hollow in the middle, which sounds like “虚心” in Chinese, symbolising humility and the receptiveness to the advice and teachings of others.



Sports and CCA Facilities 操场, 球场, 跑道,学生活动中心与课外活动室

  • Our schools offers wide-ranging and varied student activities and CCAs, and we have a variety of facilities to support these on top of supporting our daily lessons. Our facilities -many of which you can find on level 1- include CCA rooms such as Symphonic Band and Chinese Orchestra rooms, Dance studio, auditorium and lecture theatre. As a full-school, we have two of most facilities, e.g. 2 rock climbing walls, 2 Indoor Sports Halls, 2 Multi-purpose Halls, 2 tennis courts, even 2 canteens to support the primary and secondary sections. We also have a table tennis training centre,  an Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre and a 400-m full-size running tracks with facilities for track-and-field sports.
  • As an all-boy school, our students often engage in rugged activities and sports, be it during their CCA, PE lessons, school-organised sports events (such as our Passion Pursuit Elective modules, inter-class sports competitions and our whole-school spots carnival) or just unstructured play (e.g. frisbee games) during our 50-minute recess.
  • Our school focuses on holistic education, with a strong emphasis on Co-curricular Activities (CCAs). We have a wide range of CCAs for students to choose from, including Uniformed Groups, Sports, Performing Arts and a media and ICT club. Our CCAs have also been performing well consistently, clinching several awards throughout the year.

CHS Field


Table Tennis Room



CHS Rock Wall 1