Science Talent Development Programme: CΩERGY Programme

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Cnergy 02

Above: Students doing research in our lab

The CΩERGY Programme is a stretch programme whereby consistently high-performing IP and OP students who exhibit strong aptitude and interest in science are selected at the end of Level 1 based on a set of criteria. In Level 2, the students attend lessons after school and participate in enrichment programmes and activities that aim to broaden their experience and advance their learning in science and technology. In Level 3 and 4, these students go through an accelerated curriculum during curriculum time when their counterparts are going through the mainstream curriculum.


Above: Students visiting Toyonaka High School (Osaka, Japan), a Super Global High School

The origin of the word “CΩERGY” comes from the word “energy” which is a common theme and big idea that cuts across all science subjects. The letter “C” replaces “e” and it represents Catholic High School. The ohm symbol Ω is the SI derived unit for electrical resistance and it symbolises the scientific nature of the programme within the department. The Latin phrase fiduciam in scientia means confidence in science which all students in the programme is expected to possess.

Through the involvement and participation in external competitions and workshops, students are often exposed to real-world problems and products. Field trips or visits provide students with first-hand experience and an opportunity to apply content knowledge with field experts. Such outside classroom platforms also allow for independent learning and access to different environments, materials and equipment. Students may also join overseas trips to Japan for immersions with Toyonaka High School and Osaka University.

In keeping up with our tradition of strong academic achievements, our talented students continue to achieve excellence in many areas like competitions and proficiency tests. In the recent Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad 2021, our school garnered a total of 5 Gold Medals, 6 Silver Medals and 15 Bronze Medals. We have also consistently done well in other competitions like the National Air Race and Drone Odyssey Challenge. We have also produced many A*STAR and YDSP scholars over the years.

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Above: Students continue to achieve excellence in many areas, e.g. C. B. Paul Science Quiz, Singapore Junior Olympiad and National Science Challenge