Overview and Purpose

Character HeroeS is a unique Catholic High School (Primary) school-based curriculum, emphasising the inculcation of core values, social and emotional competencies and civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills that are critical for pupils’ character and citizenship development.

Approach and Experience

Our school values are being explicitly taught in Character HeroeS during our termly Values Lessons, focusing on the inculcation of CHS school values and desired behavior traits stated in the school vision (Six Years Progressive Character Development Checklist), guiding and providing the purpose for our pupils’ right behaviours.

The delivery of the Termly Values Lessons is done by Form Teachers or School Prefects, focusing on one of the school values every term.

For meaningful delivery of the lessons, we use the narrative approach and experiential learning approach as our process-based teaching approaches.

We facilitate the internatisation of values through the sharing of stories, both fictional and real-life, to help pupils to understand the need to practise good values, and for pupils to clarify their feelings and thoughts through reflection exercises.

In experiential learning approach, pupils go though a cycle of experiences, observation, reflection and application as they engage in learning in and out of the classrooms.  Pupils are given the opportunities to reflect on the values, concepts and ideas, and to internalise the values through the application of skills and knowledge learnt in real-world situation, e.g. during school Value In Action (VIA) programme.