Catholic High School (CHS) recognises the importance of developing the character of our pupils; particularly so in a rapidly changing environment, shifting social norms and morals. Guided by our school vision, mission and values, we aspire to nurture our pupils’ character growth and help to socialise them into morally upright individuals, and responsible and active citizens.

Our CCE framework is aligned to our school vision, mission and values, placing pupils at the heart of our CCE efforts.

We adopt a whole school approach to facilitate the development of character and citizenship dispositions, and social-emotional well-being of our pupils and design our CCE programmes and learning experiences with intentionality.

CCE is delivered across various learning platforms such as Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP), CCE lessons and Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Lessons during curriculum time, planned student development learning experiences beyond the classroom, teachable moments during other subject lessons and learning opportunities beyond school.  Through these platforms, pupils develop their identities, clarify their values, develop social-emotional competencies and reflect on how they can contribute as active citizens.