Bilingual and Bicultural Education


Ever heard a 13-year-old give a political speech in the persona of one of the animals in Animal Farm? Imagine a 14-year-old reciting Shakespeare? What about a 15-year-old crafting a school timetable of his dreams, and writing a oral defence of it? A 16-year-old writing his own public policy paper? These are but a few of the many imaginative and challenging tasks we assign to our students.

  • With a strong focus on effective bilingualism, we have programmes and a curriculum that aim to instil a love for the English and Chinese languages.
  • We want our students to communicate effectively in both languages, and to have the desire to continually improve their language ability even after graduating from CHS. They should also be cognizant of the modern usage of both languages in traditional and online media, and are critical readers.
  • Hence, both our English and Chinese curriculum have additional components of Media Literacy, Public Speaking, Theatre Craft and Creative Writing.
  • At the same time, we have opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate bilingual and bicultural competencies, for example, our Lit Night at CHS, the Singapore Seminar, 华文绘本创作, 华青班 and overseas immersion trips to China and Western countries such as the USA.


你知不知道公教中学特有的双语双文化节 (Bicultural Fiesta)?


“华青班所举办的双语双文化节让我对东西方文化有了更深一层的了解。双语双文化节的各种各样的活动,比如说急速追踪、在星空下看电影等,让我们对东西方的传统和文化更感兴趣。这些活动不但好玩,而且让我们增广见闻,提升我们的文化素养。” – 洪意恒 (Year 4/2018)

‘ The English department teachers in Catholic High are very inspiring and have on multiple occasions prompted me to think above and beyond what is in the syllabus, and applying the skills I learn to analyse and understanding the real world.’ – Gideon Law 4-3 2016