Overview and Purpose

The Programme for Active Learning (PAL) at Catholic High School (CHS) provides P1 and P2 pupils exposure and experiences, through fun and varied activities to cultivate their social-emotional competencies and facilitate their holistic development in the physical, cognitive, social, aesthetics and moral domains.

Approach and Learning Experience

PAL lessons are designed to have the following characteristics:  

  • Experiential in nature
  • Encompass learning in a creative way
  • Provide opportunities for children (individually and in teams) to create
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Incorporate Character Development and Social Emotional Learning (e.g. self-discovery, self-respect, respect for others, team work and leadership)

Our pupils will have the opportunities to try out activities in the 4 domains every year, which are Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts and Outdoor Education.  These experiential learning opportunities allow our pupils to discover their talents and interests and at the same time, acquire confidence, curiosity and cooperation skills that will prepare them for the future ahead.

Features of PAL at CHS:

  • The PAL modules are designed by CHS PAL Team, with input from PAL teachers, focusing on the inculcation of values and development of social-emotional competencies.
  • Pupils will get to to try out activities in the 4 domains every year, which are Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts and Outdoor Education.
  • There will be a total of 8 modules with 10 lessons in each module.
  • 3 periods of curriculum time will be set aside weekly for the implementation of PAL modules.
  • The PAL lessons are guided and supported by 2 PAL teachers.
  • PAL is non-examinable.

The themes and activities for PAL at CHS:

In each lesson, pupils will be given the opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences. They will get to share their experiences and learn from the experiences of others too.

Primary 1 pupils practising their performance item together during their PAL music module.
 (Note: Photo was taken before Y2020.)
Primary 2 pupils learning in a creative way through parachute games in Sports and Games  module. (Note: Photo was taken before Y2020.)
The focus of our Outdoor Education is to cultivate a sense of ownership for the environment and to encourage and provide opportunities for pupils to make responsible decisions. Aligning to the national initiative of home gardening and strengthening Singapore’s food resilience, we have our Primary 2 boys to try out outdoor gardening since 2021. They are taught on how to make compost using natural resources and grow their own plants using recycled containers.
In addition, we have also put in place Lego education activities for our Primary 2 pupils and teach them about the importance of renewable energy sources and provide opportunity for them to acquire critical thinking and problem solving skills using the Lego renewable energy set.