Prefect Investiture

On 26 June 2018, we welcomed a new batch of Prefects to our Student Leadership fraternity. This year’s theme for our Prefects’ Investiture is “THE LEADER IN ME – Confidence. Humility. Service”. 17 of our Primary 5 leaders and 45 of our Primary 4 leaders were invested as Prefects. Additionally, 8 of our Primary 5 Prefects received their appointments as Prefect Council members. They are representatives of the student body and they embody the best in student qualities that the school has to offer. The occasion was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Rev Fr Dr Henry Siew, Chairman of School Management Committee and Chairman of the School Chaplaincy Team. The event was also graced by our proud parents who presented the Prefects’ ties to their sons during the ceremony. It was indeed a memorable moment for the CHS family as we welcomed the leaders of our future.



P6 Graduation Ceremony

16 November 2018 marked an important milestone for our P6 pupils as we celebrated the successful completion of their primary school education and bade them farewell in a poignant ceremony themed “Be the Salt and Light of the World”. It was a reminder to our graduates to not only preserve the goodness within the world, but also to be a positive influence just like the flavour enhancer.

Our Guest-Of-Honour, Mr Ryan Lim, gave an inspiring speech, reminding our graduates about what the school had done for them. He hoped to see more of our graduates complete their ten-year education at CHS (Secondary).Steeped in meaning, our P6 pupils received their graduation certificates and awards from their form teachers who had journeyed with them in this challenging year. The Lau Eng Swan Award was also given to honour our ex-pupils who were among the top scorers in the 2017 PSLE and chose to continue their education at CHS (Secondary).

We wish our P6 graduates the very best as they embark on the next phase of their academic journey. May they always shine their light for all to see and be a beacon of hope in the darkness.

Prize-Giving Ceremony 2018

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans for your welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

The theme of this year’s Prize-Giving Ceremony is “Our Journey Together”. It emphasizes the celebration of the shared journey towards the pupils’ holistic development. Every journey has its story about how the gentlemen build their character through love, creativity and constancy of purpose in seeking improvement. This year, we interviewed a few pupils to share their journey in how they built their grit and resilience in overcoming challenges which enabled them in becoming a “Leader, Gentleman and a Bilingual Scholar”.

This year, the school initiated two awards namely, (i) CHS Gentleman Award and (ii) CHS Bilingualism Award to affirm pupils who exhibited exemplary character and proficiency in both languages respectively.

This journey would not have been made possible without the care, encouragement, guidance and support of our teachers and parents. Congratulations to all the prize recipients and we hope that all of them can continue to scale to greater heights in 2019!

Primary 4 & Primary 5 Sports Day

The P4 & P5 Sports Day was held on 23 May 2018. The event was opened with a torch relay around the school track by the Principal and Vice-Principals. The pupils watched and cheered as the torch was passed from hand to hand and finally to our Principal, Ms Soh who lit up the cauldron, marking the start of the Sports Day.

This year, the pupils engaged in one of the four sports on offer – Captain’s Ball, Floorball, Soccer and Volleyball. Through their participation in the inter-class games, the PE Department aimed to help the pupils foster a sense of unity in diversity. The pupils also learnt to appreciate that while they are different, they can be united in the spirit of love and care.

The pupils also found out more about recent sporting events like the Youth Olympic Games and how athletes of diverse backgrounds and conditions could come together to compete and display Olympic values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

The day ended with a prize presentation, where pupils learnt to display sportsmanship by recognising and applauding for the victory of their fellow sportsmen.

Aesthetics CCA Games Day

The Aesthetics CCA Games Day was held on 6 August 2018. The pupils engaged in one of the four sports on offer
– Captain’s Ball, Floorball, Handball and Soccer. Through their participation in the inter-CCA games, the PE Department aimed to provide opportunities for pupils to foster team spirit and bonding within each CCA and among all the Aesthetics CCA groups.

The day ended with a prize presentation and Modern Dance CCA emerged as the overall champion for this year’s Games Day. Through this experience, we believed that all the pupils learnt to display good sportsmanship by appreciating and applauding for the efforts of others.

Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) was launched at Catholic High School (Primary) on 22 March 2018. A banner printed with “Do Something Kind, Make a Difference” was unveiled at the event.

The objective of the SKM is to inculcate graciousness in our school where pupils will show consideration and kindness to the people around them by being mindful of their actions. Seven Kindness Ambassadors from Primary Five represented our school in the Friend of Singapore (FOS) project which is part of the SKM.

For the FOS project entitled Happy Toilets, Happy Users, the Ambassadors were dedicated to improving the conditions of our school toilets. Various posters were put up in the boys’ toilets to remind pupils to show consideration to users and cleaners of the toilets.

Pupils gave a resounding response when the Ambassadors talked about the need to be responsible users of the toilets. With strong support from the school management and also the pupils, the Happy Toilets, Happy Users project was a success!


Bilingual Scholar

Chinese Language 华文
Special Assistance Plan (SAP) 特选学校旗舰课程
















为了发扬中华文化,促进中国象棋活动的拓展以及增进学校之间的友谊,公教中学(附小)于八月七日举办了第二届的象棋友谊赛。比赛采用积分编排制,一共进行了六轮比赛。裁判使用电脑软件配对。每轮每队派3 名学生入场。今年象棋友谊赛的反应热烈,共有114名学生参加,比去年增加了27名。参赛者他们分别来自七所特选小学(宏文学校、白沙小学、培青学校、爱同学校、菩提学校、海星附小和公教附小)。







8月15日下午,186位公教中学附小三年级和四年级的学生浩浩荡荡地来到新加坡专业剧场Singapore Repertory Theatre观看了一场特别的演出《戴高帽子的猫》。著名儿童文学作家苏斯博士的长青作品《戴高帽子的猫》,经由英国国家剧院改编,成为一部充满魔幻色彩和诙谐趣味的舞台剧。


2018 庆中秋母语周活动














甲组 乙组
金奖 林燿杨 5坚忍 金奖 林晋宇 3仁爱
银奖 杨泽凯 5仁爱 银奖 陈睿璘 3温和
银奖 梁开亿 4温和 银奖 黄凯俊 3喜乐
铜奖 陈仁毅 5喜乐 铜奖 刘睿凯 2柔和
铜奖 蔡逸溪 4温和 铜奖 黄钰傑 3坚忍
铜奖 葉浩民 4平安 铜奖 林靖澄 3温和




Our annual Lower Primary Mathlympic is a fun and engaging competition where our Primary 1 to Primary 3 pupils get to pit their wits against their schoolmates in a game of Connect 4. This year, it was held on 5 August 2018 in our primary school hall. In order to win the game, the pupils were required to be the first in making a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of 4.

Every year, the number of pupils participating in this competition is overwhelming as pupils enjoy playing this game that tests their analytical skills.


An Afternoon at the Theatre was held on 17 August, in the school hall, from 3.30 to 5 p.m. The theme ‘Around The World In 8 Tales’ gave an opportunity for the P2 pupils to know more about the various cultures around the world. Speech & drama skills empower children and enable them to develop self-confidence, a creative imagination, empathy, and maturity in interpersonal skills. Our pupils not only developed their language skills but also discovered the power of imagination as the stories came to life on stage, allowing them to see the world with insight, and humour. They performed in front of a live audience and transported them into the fantasy world that they had created for themselves through the many exciting stories.



Science Eureka

Our Primary One and Two pupils were introduced to Science through Science Eureka!, one of our signature Science programmes in E3 (Engage, Explore and Enrich). Science Eureka! aims to provide our pupils with authentic and enriched learning opportunities and develop 21st CC through experiential learning.

The Primary One and Two pupils were engaged with two storybooks, which were aligned to the topics – Life Cycles, Digestion and Animals. These 3 topics are the topics in our Lower Block Science, under Diversity, Systems and Cycles. The teachers read the storybooks to the class and then engaged them through enriching discussions. After which, the pupils embarked on the worksheets. The two worksheets helped to reinforce what they had learned about the life cycles of plants and animals and how their amazing body helps in the process of digestion.

We strongly believe that Science Eureka! will help to provide our Primary One and Two pupils with experiences which build on their interest and stimulate their curiosity about the environment.

P6 Post-exam Activities

This year in November 2018, our Primary 6 pupils went to the Science Centre for the “Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object” as part of their post-exam activities. The boys participated in hands-on activities and an amazing race around Science Centre. They were able to apply various concepts of Science and Mathematics taught in school. Topics like Energy and Forces, and Geometry and Tessellation, helped them to strategise to create an impenetrable shield wall to defend their territory in this fun activity. The programme was indeed enriching and it provided edutainment for our boys.


Gifted Education Programme

Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence Award (2018)

Our 2017 Gifted Education Programme (GEP) pupil, Gareth Lau (from P6 Gentleness) has been awarded the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence in August 2018.

Gareth is an all-rounder. He is a humble, positive and highly motivated pupil who puts in his best effort in his academic areas as well as his CCA commitment.

In September 2017, Gareth represented Singapore to take part in Wushu competition in Korea for two weeks before his Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). To pursue his passion for Wushu, he did not participate in the PSLE Listening Comprehension exam. Upon returning to Singapore after his Wushu competition, Gareth put in his best to prepare for the PSLE. His unwavering determination to achieve his goals is commendable.

Gareth possesses leadership qualities. As a prefect, Gareth carried out his duties with pride and responsibility. He shows his caring side by working with his classmates in planning and executing activities for the elderly at Xin Yuan Community care for Service Learning.

As captain of the school Wushu team, he trained conscientiously and demonstrated leadership as well as team spirit. Despite his busy training schedule, Gareth has not failed to keep up with his work by submitting his written school work and assignments punctually.

Teachers in the GEP department from Catholic High School (Pri) are very happy and proud of his achievement, and we would like to wish him the very best as he continues with the next phase of his education journey. We look forward to Gareth inspiring others with our 公教 tradition of service to others, society and nation!

International Math and Science Olympiad 2018

The International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) is an annual competition in Math and science for primary school pupils.

Three of our gentlemen were selected to Team Singapore after intensive training at NUS High They represented our country in the IMSO – Science Team in Zhe Jiang, China from 28 September to 4 October 2018.

Teo Kai Wen (5 Faithfulness)
Science Experiment Champion,
Gold Medallist
Jerald Koh
Silver Medallist
Sachin Narayanan
Bronze Medallist

Student Development Team

This year, we had a Primary 3 pupil, Teo Gun Rui, who expressed a strong interest in promoting board games in school. We supported his idea by providing him platforms for implementation so as to realise his aspirations.

Two sessions of board game activities were carried out as post-exam activities on 8 and 15 November 2018. These sessions were only limited to Gun Rui’s classmates in a pilot study so as to assess its suitability before bringing the rest of the school on board. There was an overwhelming response from his classmates as they supported him by participating in two games of Monopoly and Blokus during their recess.

Even though Gun Rui and his team met challenges in the course of the games, they also learnt values and skills that might not be taught in the formal curriculum.