On 8 Aug 2017, our school collectively saluted all NSmen during our National Day celebration to mark 50 years of National Service (NS50).LTC (Ret) Albel Singh

Joining us was Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) (Ret) Albel Singh, who was first among the inaugural batch of National Service recruits to register for duty on 28 Mar 1967. LTC (Ret) Albel Singh shared with our school on his invaluable experience serving to protect Singapore from internal and external threats, e.g. guarding the coast during the high-tension period known as Konfrontasi and his later experience of peacekeeping during the 1969 race riots.

LTC (Ret) Albel Singh’s sharing reminds us of the importance of practicing, maintaining and treasuring religious and racial tolerance, acceptance, respect and understanding.

Happy 52nd Birthday, Singapore! #NS50salute