Thank you to all who registered for our 27 May Open House!

  • If you have not done so, you can register at
    • Please note that this is the Open House for the secondary section, and not for the primary section.
  • Registration will help us prepare for your visit, as well as allowing you to opt for activities such as school tour, subject experience, CCA tryouts and talks.
    • Please note that CCA tryouts at our Open House are not DSA trials, which take place only in June and July.

Open House Programme & Map (with Directions and Parking Info)

  • NEW INFO (as of 25 May 2017) – Due to the volume of newly-registered attendees and expected turnout, we have arranged for additional parking at Whitley Secondary School (right next to CHS). Parking is on a first-come-first-serve basis between 8.00am to 12.30pm. This is on top of parking in CHS and at the neighbouring multi-storey carpark.
  • Please see attached PDF for Directions & Parking:

Catholic High – Open House 27 May2017 – Directions and Parking (version 2)

  • Meanwhile, you can click on the following link to download a soft copy of our Open House 2017 Programme Sheet (PDF):

Catholic High – Open House 27May2017 – Programme Sheet (version 2)

DSA Open House 2017 Programme Sheet (Final)_Page_1

DSA Open House 2017 Programme Sheet (Final)_Page_2

CHS - Open House 2017 parking map (version 2)